Matt Chandler on leadership in London, UK

Matt Chandler on leadership in London, UK April 21, 2010

As this post was only up on the site for a short time before New Word Alive, and it might have got buried among all the other posts, I thought I would bring it back up to the top for a while in case you missed it first time round.  We do have some places left for this event, so it would be great to see you there if you are free.  I am going to check out for a few days and will hopefully start posting some interviews after the weekend.

If you are in any form of leadership in a church or a potential leader based in the UK you will want to watch this invitation from my pastor to a very special event we have planned on Saturday May 15th with Matt Chandler.

Please book in now as places are limited and may disappear fast.  Readers of this blog  are especially welcome, as are any who have just started to read because of New Word Alive.

Dear Brothers,

Every so often the opportunity arises for us to hear and learn from strong leaders who God has used in a significant way. Matt Chandler is a good friend and in recent years, God’s anointing on him and accomplishments through him have been evident. In seven years of pastoring, he has seen The Village Church, Dallas, grow from 160 people to over 6,000. He is both charismatic and reformed, and his strong sense of purpose has only been heightened by a recent diagnosis of brain cancer.

Now more than ever, the Church needs leaders who are bold and alert, just as some were in Gideon’s day. In light of this, I am inviting 300 leaders to learn together from Matt in a more intimate context than a large conference. . . READ THE REST OF TOPE’s INVITATION LETTER

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