The second Matt Chandler 300 Leaders session

The second Matt Chandler 300 Leaders session June 1, 2010

This is the second session of the recent leadership conference ran at Jubilee. There is also a fantastic Q and A session is also available. My notes follow the video:

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2 Tim 2

When Chandler was proposed to the Village as a prospective pastor, he was (and still is) a Charismatic complementarian Calvinist with no college degree. So wasn’t expecting to get the job.

There’s a way that seems right to man that ends in death. He showed them the Bible way, and found that they wanted that.

Pursue righteousness.We all need to put sin to death. What stirs you up towards God?  Pay attention to our hearts and minds. Dig into the feelings of your heart and thoughts of your mind and let God do business.

Pursue faith Organizers cannot be allowed to run the church. The “priests” and “prophets” must run the church with help from the “kings”. God will often ask you to jump of a cliff before he gives you the parachute.

Pursue love. Are you still growing in your compassion? Peace is not as peaceful as it sounds. Biggest problem in pastoral ministry is cowardice. Confront the problems early on. Trust others don’t isolate yourself. Are you pretending that you are the one man in the history of Christendom that hasn’t the need to be challenged?

Despite a staff of 100, Chandler keeps open relationships with them. He believes that the benefits of doing life together outweigh the risks of being betrayed.

Use a scalpel not a club. Don’t be quarrelsome. Be respectful and kind.

People don’t know as much as you think they know. Explain it well, teach it to them. Attack the world view by teaching.

Patiently endure evil. Sinners when confronted on their sin will almost always lash out at the people who are trying to help them.

Pursue Gentleness.

Practical applications to shepherd people to truth

  1. Give them texts to read. Bible is better than theological books, as good as they are.
  2. Go after the heart not the mind.
  3. Listen to them not looking for a chance to respond
  4. Be patient. Sanctification is a dirt path not a superhighway.

Once we are digging in the bible I’m not worried any more. Some doctrines he said he knew they were right before I liked them. If it took you years to get it, how dumb are you to demand they love it immediately.

Work diligently and passionately concerning your own spiritual life.

Your people will mirror you. That should terrify you and push you into the Lord.

Engage people as individuals and lead them into all God has for us in the Scriptures.

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