Tope Koleoso interview and your invitation to the Autumn 300 Conference

Tope Koleoso interview and your invitation to the Autumn 300 Conference September 21, 2010

This autumn we are running another 300 conference here in Enfield, London. If you have been reading this blog for a while, you will have seen me speak of my love for my home church. I joined Jubilee back in 1995, and for the first 10 years we experienced the challenges of being a slow growing church plant. They were good years, and years when deep friendships were formed within an emerging leadership team. We learnt a lot together, but although we did hold onto promises from God, we would not have dared to believe that what we were dreaming of was just around the corner. It was interesting to go back and listen again to Tope’s first sermon in the cinema. The faith that we were all feeling at the time is very apparent in this talk, what is less apparent is that there were only around 80 listening at the time.

It has now been a truly amazing five years since we moved into the cinema and immediately experienced a period of remarkable gracious blessing from God which has led to significant growth both spiritually and in number. Now, for the first time, our pastors intend to share with a select audience of up to 300 people what we have learnt from the experience. Tope Koleoso will be the main speaker at this autumn’s 300 and the following two videos are an interview of him, and a trailer which will both give you a good idea of what to expect. This will be an event not to be missed, and you are welcome to come wherever you are in the world, whatever kind of church you are in, and whether you are a church pastor, part of a leadership team, or considering a possible future leadership role or church plant. Men and women are warmly invited. There will be great times of fellowship and I am sure you will not regret making time in your diary to attend. Tickets are now available at only £15 per person. Do come and join us!
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