Jack Hayford Video Sermon on Peace and Winsomeness

Jack Hayford Video Sermon on Peace and Winsomeness March 8, 2011

There is not very many videos of Jack Hayford available for free online. It was a delight therefore to watch this one over the weekend and I really felt that it benefited me. I could hear God speaking to me through his Word. I encourage you to watch the following video and then consider booking in to our next 300 Leaders Conference where he will be speaking.

The video is followed by some notes I took when I watched it:


Psalm 119:165

Peace is wholeness or completeness. Let God’s Word help us become like this. People tend to think of religious people as being pious and inflexible. We do have boundary lines, but when God’s wholeness is lived out in relationships it imparts freedom. Your being needs to encounter the Book. Then you will be an influence. We are not called to merely make remarks about things that we disapprove of. There are ways we can prophesy our future. There is a biblical law of reciprocity. Give and it will be given to you. There are principles of life that rebound on you. Judge not and you will not be judged. Giving is to be pressed down and running over.

Be gracious and non judgmental. Relate to people in these ways. Love and receive people who are way out of line. It doesn’t come easily. Like a bay. Something is shaped in you. Wash out an area in you where goodness can come and favor and winsomeness to others. People will begin to recognize you as someone they can trust.

Everything about Jesus has this quality. People came to him. Something in him drew them to him. This kind of person is a witness for Christ. We are to be like this. It’s not passivity, but establishing the grounds for our witness.

Our goal is winsomeness. There is a power in simply letting people know we like them. We must never condemn. A simple example of condemning is to say “I am through with them..”. We mustn’t give up on people.

There can be something in us that blocks our relationships with others. It is not that our values are wrong. It is not that our gospel must not be spoken. Something in the way that we relate to others should open a tide of influence. People will be drawn to you and thereby to Jesus.

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