The God of new beginnings

The God of new beginnings January 3, 2013

Many believers will have decided to read the Bible through this year, and as I mentioned there are great promises for those who will reliably and regularly feast on God’s word.

Anita Mathias is one such person who has decided to blog through the Bible this year. She writes of what she has learnt so far from reading (as many will be) the book of Genesis. She speaks of how she has been struck by how God is the God of second chances (and many more, fortunately!), and how he blesses people who are deeply flawed.  People like me and you!

“Our first parents bear the consequences of their sin, the land stubbornly yields thorns and thistles which they prune by the sweat of their brows. Eden remains a memory, but still the earth yields its abundance; they enjoy the pleasures of marriage and family life; they get to taste the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living, as we, the flawed, taste it.

The goodness of the God of the Second Chance; the God whose goodness we cannot outrun; the God in whose presence Paul found he could rejoice even in the dank Mamertine Dungeon.”  READ MORE

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