What Mark Driscoll likes about Joel Osteen

What Mark Driscoll likes about Joel Osteen January 31, 2013

In the middle of an interview about Driscolls new book (which I reviewed here) is a fascinating aside from Driscoll, never one to pull his punches, about America’s most prominent pastor, Joel Osteen, who many like to criticise:

 “I am aware of the theological differences that exist between our tribe and Pastor Joel. I also know my Reformed brothers like to treat Pastor Joel like a piñata, but there are worse things than being happy and encouraging at a time when the most common prescription medications are antidepressants. A few guys in our tribe could learn to talk about something other than painful, arduous suffering once and a while—if nothing else than for the sake of variety. Our identity is not in our joy, and our identity is not in our suffering. Our identity is in Christ, whether we have joy or are suffering.”

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  • Something I like about Mark Driscoll, for once.

  • I am a huge fan of Mark Driscoll, but for him to say “theological differences” is the difference is less than intellectual honesty. If by theological differences he means Joel proclaims another Jesus centered in another gospel, then I stand corrected…but sure wished he has stated it plainly.

    • V Smith


      Paul doesn’t spend Galatians sitting down with the Judaisers and asking “what can we learn from these people, who are clearly just from a different tribe…”

      He anathematises them, and they probably preached Jesus more often than Osteen does.

  • Brantley

    I’m glad that Driscoll can practice generosity in disagreement with Joel Osteen–why could he not do this with President Obama?

    • Andy

      Obama has mocked the Bible on many occasions. For Driscoll to say, he “likely” does not know God shows much charity on his part.

  • donsands

    Mark makes feel awkward, and like he’s trying to entertain me. I’m probably wrong. Personality conflict most perhaps. Lord bless mark and his family and church.

    I loved just seeing Joni’s name over on the side there. That made me smile. You have an endorsement from her for your book. That’s superb my brother. She is an exceptional sister in Christ.
    Have a blessed weekend, and especially Lord’s day, in the Lord’s presence with the Lord’s people! All for the Cross. Gal. 6:14