Guest post from Mrs W: “Regarding Wet Ugg Boots”

Guest post from Mrs W: “Regarding Wet Ugg Boots” January 30, 2014

My wife wrote this humorous little ditty, and as I haven’t been posting anything much lately due to my January semi-fast from social media, she agreed to let me publish it here.  Please let her know here what you think of it in the comments section below and be nice to her, she is my wife!

A silly poem fabricated in my mind during my rainy walk this morning with Albert, a poke at how we can get stressed about silly things! (From a Christian’s perspective):

It’s raining on me Ugg boots
They’re meant to be me snug boots

Warm as toast
Light as air
And now I’m squelching in despair
I can’t believe I own these boots
Considering my humble roots
Now water’s swirling round my toes
With every step anxiety grows
Why do I stress about these things
When Jesus says to soar on wings
As eagles fly in clear blue sky
So from our troubles we can fly
Closer to our God above
Who made it all because of love.
So don’t imagine all is lost
When Jesus bought you at a cost
Your troubles now will soon be gone
When you’re in glory with The Son.

Disclaimer: they are not actually ‘real’ Ugg boots, and they are not strictly speaking mine either. They are shared with a daughter. They are currently upside down on the radiator.

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  • glennpiper

    A nice little ditty 🙂 As an earthly solution to soaking wet boots may I suggest Nikwax products, they are very affective.


    Yes, in the uk we have been getting soggy for rather a long time now and it’s easy to get down. But let’s get to meet others who are far worse off than we are, and pray for them and help out, eg at foodbanks, homeless shelters, or people flooded out. Then we can start to praise God that our only trouble is wet boots.