Steve Chalke says the Bible got it wrong in lots of places

Steve Chalke says the Bible got it wrong in lots of places March 5, 2014

In the second of the Steve Chalke vs Andrew Wilson debates, evangelicals are going to be shocked. Perhaps not surprised, but shocked nonetheless

Chalke clearly states that he believes that God does not strike people down for sin. He claims that whenever this is reported by The Bible it either means that someone was mistaken about what they thought God was saying, or that the interpretation of the Bible writers of the event was just plain wrong. His logic for this was that if something else in the Bible was in his view inconsistent with how he believes Jesus is, that the Bible must be in error.

This video is a train wreck. And it is abundantly clear by the end that whatever else he is, Steve Chalke is not an evangelical by any meaningful definition of the word. It is time he owned up to being a liberal or if he prefers “progressive” Christian. I am sure that his views would be more likely to be affirmed among people who own that label than among evangelicals. If we cannot trust the Bible, and have to subjectively interpret it by what we believe Jesus is like we have no authority source left.

This video provoked feelings of anger in me, but more than that sadness. It is a truly tragic thing to watch. But watch it I urge you, for until recently Chalke was the most influential Evangelical in the UK and there are some other leaders in both the UK and USA who would think similarly.

You can watch the video here:

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