How to work from home or self-isolate

How to work from home or self-isolate March 14, 2020

Many people are suddenly being told they have to work from home or self-isolate thanks to  coronavirus. Sometimes this is because they are sick in which case they must totally isolate themselves, but for others this is healthy people whose office has asked them to work from home. Or it may be someone who has a medical condition. Many blood cancer patients including myself are already trying to significanty reduce social contact according to charity advice. Other groups will also be similarly advised too. Whilst the first few days can feel like liberation, there are lots of challenges to being forced not to go into the office.

UK National Health Service Coronavirus Advice

Previously I worked for home for more than a decade and in recent years have needed to self isolate to a greater or lesser extent due to my health recently. In this video I join Rich Johnston of Christian Mindfulness Group to discuss some practical and spiritual tips on how to not go stir crazy if you suddenly have to stay at home!

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Twenty Tips

  1. Beware of becoming isolated and disconnected from all your relationships: It is not good for a man or woman to be alone
  2. Use technology including video calling to maintain human contact. It is worth getting over feeling camera shy. Most people quickly get used to this though it usually feels strange at first.
  3. Recognise this will be a huge adjustment and patiently give yourself time to get used to it
  4. Understand that this is an unprecedented period for everyone at the moment: nobody is feeling completely comfortable and confident (unless they are deluded!)
  5. Give other family members space, and understand there might be tensions at times.
  6. Take the positive opportunity for togetherness this presents
  7. Learn to balance “me time” and “together time”
  8. Work out a fair way to share the TV or computer room so everyone gets a turn
  9. If possible don’t try to do child care and working at the same time
  10. Take breaks, and make sure you don’t work too many hours. Be conscious about when you’re working and when you’re not
  11. Don’t work in bed or in your pyjamas. Get yourself up, showered and dressed.
  12. Find a specific place to work in your house ideally a desk or table.
  13. Wash your hands and use a kitchen roll to dry them. Don’t share towels.
  14. Keep six feet away from family members where possible.
  15. Increase ventilation at home and improve hygiene (clean your phone and remote controls with alcohol wipes or damp soap and water if appropriate. Don’t share phones).
  16. Cough into your elbow or a tissue. Isolate yourself even from your family within your home if you get a cough or temperature. Contact healthcare providers if you get breathless.
  17. Protect leisure and spirituality Take time to meditate, pray, read, watch TV, play board games, be creative
  18. Exercise. Walk outside if allowed (for those not officially strictly quarantined or isolated). Use seven minutes and other ways to work out at home.
  19. Eat a healthy diet Take time to cook nice food you enjoy.
  20. Support your family friends and neighbours (if well and allowed outside)

Transcript (auto-generated by Descript)

Adrian: Right. Well, hello everyone. I’m Adrian Warnock and I’m here with my new best friend who are not quite, I’ve never actually met you face to face until I meet you, Rich. I’m not going to call you my best friend, but certainly my best current online friend. Let’s say it that way. Thank you for joining us today. Rich. Okay.

Rich: Oh my pleasure.

Adrian: So, so today’s subject, and we’re not gonna we’re, we can wang on to use a phrase, you, and I think that’s one thing I’ve noticed about both of us. And perhaps I’m worse than you. I don’t know. But our videos in the past are quite long, but we’re going to try and make this one a nice short and focused.

Really what I wanted to talk about today was working from home, cause I noticed that you’re in your home office and I’m in my home office. and I had a whole decade where I worked from home exclusively apart from traveling for work. , I know a lot of people have never worked from home before, and they’re suddenly being told in some cases by their employers, you’re not welcome here.

And it might be because they’re vulnerable, or it might just be because the employers in general saying, right, Coronavirus get out now, how long that will last, whether people, some people might be asked now to work from home for like 13 weeks. and then of course, you’ve got people being asked to isolate themselves for health reasons, perhaps because they’d been exposed to the  virus and, and, you know, or, or they’ve got the sniffles that they would normally push through and go to work. So for people to use to working in offices. I thought maybe it might be useful for the two of us to sort of come up with a few tips and thoughts for people about how not to go stir crazy.

I mean, I don’t know about you. I remember when I first had to work from home, having been in an office, it was a huge adjustment. What would you say the same for you?

Rich: Well, I guess my social situation might be slightly different in the same spot. The ministry that I’m involved in involves a lot of silence and made the teach them.

however, I think our abilities to work from home may vary depending on your personality as well. So I think it’s really important that we. you know, as the weeks go on, and if we do have to ensure that we maintain, you know, give you to contact with. church friends, family members, that we don’t isolate in a way that is unhelpful.

So I think we need to be very much aware of that. And we do need those. Relationships and friendships, around us and to keep us going. So we need to be very much aware of that during this period, it’s quite unprecedented. I don’t think any of us have experienced anything quite like it as a, as a nation before.

Adrian: Yeah, no, I agree. So tip number one. it’s not good for a man or woman to be alone. So you have to have relationships. Now, whether that’s with your fellow people that you’re holed up with at home. I mean, I’m a bit aware that, you know, if there’s tension in those family relationships, this could be a difficult time because suddenly at home, and so you do need space.

I mean, we all have to have a balance between space and togetherness. So, you know, I think sometimes if you’re suddenly thrown together, You know, there are many marriages, for example, that partly worked because too, if you go out so and art together all the time. I remember for me, when I was first working from home, it was a strange thing because I would be in the house and my wife at that time was looking after the kids.

and by the way, looking after the kids whilst you’re trying to work doesn’t always work very well. I think some of us might remember the BBC reporter who was working for him a little while ago, and his kid came in. Do you remember the why stuff to sort of grab him. So there’s all of that. So, but the relationships, are really important.

And so practically, maintaining relationships. One thing I would say is what we’re doing now and let’s hope broadband network and cope with that. But video conferencing, although it can feel strange to someone who’s never done it before. I would argue it is very much more beneficial than simply a phone call.

Would you agree with that? Rich, can you explain a bit? I would

Rich: agree with that. And I think it, it’s a very quick and easy way to connect with other likeminded people. and if we can get over there, camera shy, Impact that it has for some people. we can really begin to benefit from the blessing of connecting with other people that we might not otherwise have conversations with, but you have to be intentional about it and look for those connections and seek to build bridges and maybe usually  that might come unexpectedly along our way.

Adrian: Yeah. So, just there’s a, you know, from a practical point of view, many of us have a smart phone. Okay. and if you have a smartphone, you can do video conferencing with your smart phone. You’re not like, Oh, how do I do that? Well, if it’s an iPhone, there’s something called FaceTime, but that only works with other people who have  iPhones. So there’s an app called WhatsApp. and  actually  facebook has a similar thing. And with, with WhatsApp, if you’ve both got WhatsApp, doesn’t matter what type of phone you’ve got, you can do a bit video conferencing together. Skype is another one. but I find WhatsApp quite useful,  It’s very easy to think, Oh, I’ll just talk on the phone.  And there’s a place for that. But I know for me, for example, when I was in hospital and my father was also in hospital, he was unwell as well. At the same time, we would video conference and to each other’s hospital beds because we wanted to go spend time together. And there was much more of a connection because you can see someone’s facial expressions, you can see, their love for you.

you can see. the cues that we use. And so there’s a reason why we like meeting people face to face. and I know that has sort of begun to die a death a little bit with, with things like social media and texting. A lot of kids prefer to text and they do to talk on the phone  and even when you meet up, sometimes you’ll see people on their phones not actually connecting, not giving people eye contact. There’s something about the eyes, eye to eye, looking into my eyes. that is really important for making those connections and for us feeling, you know, not alone. Cause I think it can be very, very lonely.

If you feel alone, either because you’re sick or just cause you’re working from home and you haven’t got those conversations over the coffee cups, those informal conversations, which I think sometimes when you’re working in an office, you think of those as wastes of time. But actually I believe what you’re doing is building up relational capital.

And so if you know somebody, in those moments, you know, when you’ve got to do some work together, when there’s maybe a difficult conversation to have, you’ve got relational capital together that makes it easier to deal with. And so, yeah, I would strongly recommend, you know, hit that video call button sometimes with your friends, even your work colleagues and certain your family members that I noticed, for example, recently.

As well. And this is only necessary if someone doesn’t have a smart phone. FaceTime, Facebook have been issuing these things called portals. They’re probably all sold out now, I would imagine, where it’s literally like a picture frame and it sticks on your shelf and you can interact with perhaps an older family member who you now can’t now worried about going to see.

Cause you might give them the infection. and then you can actually talk to them through that. so they don’t even need the, the phone in that instance. So that, that’s another tool that could be, could be useful. but do you agree that eye to eye, face to face contact is crucial to being human?

Rich: Really, it is, I mean, a lot’s been said  about  how do we communicate so much more than just, . audible voice, and it’s just so important for us. It’s almost like something happens when people have one another company and connect conversationally with one other. and the loneliness is a terrible thing.

Yeah. And it’s so easy for us to retreat into a place, that is not beneficial for our own mental health. So we really need to be aware of that. And. As much as he would able make deliberate steps and to flame the friendships, the company that we need as human beings.

Adrian: I agree with that. So, so I suppose that, you know, perhaps if we were to put that into a sort of tip, it’s about getting the balance between me time and together time, even in that concept.

So, so you need your own space, if at all possible. And that can be difficult if you’re living in a small flat. With people or small house. but you know, maybe one of you needs to stay in the bedroom for a bit and one of you sit in the lounge for a bit. and one of you in the dining room, you know, and it, it, you know, you certainly for us at the moment, I mean, we’ve had a couple of days recently cause one of our children had a mild viral illness and fortunate it was an, you know, you’d never more relieved.

And when you’ve got snuffly nose that mimics, typically that’s not coronavirus. Although I understand that even if, even if we have a Snuffy nose but have a fever or a cough. We’re supposed to still assume that it is and, and isolate ourselves for seven days. So we’ve had a few days when we’ve had seven people in the house and, and so we don’t necessarily all sit in the same room together.

And of course, actually that’s a bit of a worry in terms of passing infection from one person to another, but also because we do need our own space. And so sometimes you have to book the room as well. And that I’m using the small office here and one of my boys wants to record some music. and this is the room.

So as soon as I’m finished, I’m going out and tell him, say, the office is yours now. So he can sit in here and have some me time to do his own own thing. so having a quiet space. So that’d be another thing I would say, especially for the working from home people. it’s very, very important that you find a place in your house.

Which is where you work because you have that. If you’re going out to work, you have that period where you walk to work or you’re going on the train, and actually I would argue that’s the closest. Many people come to meditation because they sit there quietly, not on their phone for once. Thinking about the day, what’s coming, maybe praying, maybe just mulling things over. Because they’re underground or something that can’t go on the phone. and then the same on the way back. So you have the opportunity to sort of focus on what you need to do with work and then to disconnect from work and then reconnect at home. And now, of course, that all goes out the window if you’re working from home.

One of the big mistakes I made early on, I remember when I first started working with, I’m like, you know, way more than 10 years ago now. I used to stay in bed. I didn’t use to get dressed. I used to stay in my pajamas and it can be tempted to do that. And I’m not saying it’s always wrong to do that, but then you don’t have the barrier then between work and rest.

And if you work in your bed, when you then try and sleep that evening, guess what? You start thinking about your work. and so it’s, it’s very smart, I think to get up. To have that shower. And it’s tempting not  to dress. Some people even say, put your shoes on. You know, maybe you can put a  suit and tie on if that’s what you used to do when you work.

I mean, you don’t have to wear a suit and tie, but wear what you’re going to feel like says, “Oh yes, now I’m in work mode” Try and get yourself sitting a desk or a table if it’s, or worst case scenario, you know, on the sofa. I mean, that’s. not ideal. But it’s all better than being in bed.

Then of course the challenge you have if you’ve got kids at home as well, or even a husband or wife, is the temptation is to think, Oh, you’re at home. so therefore I can interrupt you whenever I need daddy, daddy, daddy, I need a drink. you know where the tap is going to get it yourself. Don’t think of me as being at home right now: I’m working. I remember that was used to be really bad in the summer holidays cause the kids like they’re off. They’re having fun and they might be staying up late at night, keeping you awake when you’re trying to go to sleep so you can get up and work. You know, nine o’clock in the morning. The house is like, this is quiet as though, it’s middle of the night!

Everyone else is asleep and you’re trying to work and you’re thinking, “you kept me awake last night and now I’m trying to stay awake.!”  But that’s better than when they do wake up. Cause then they suddenly come in and like. Daddy, daddy, daddy, can you do this daddy, daddy, daddy, can you do that? Cause I had very young children at the time, and I was like, go ask your mother! She was doing the child care at the time.

So if at all possible, another tip I would give would be don’t try and do child care whilst doing your job. No, that’s not always avoidable. And so you might have to sit them down and put them in front of a TV, let them watch a movie so you can go and do your teleconference or something. and you might have to sort of have breaks during the day.

That’s the other thing you need to be conscious about when you’re working and when you’re not. So, if you get up normally and you get on a train and you go to work and you start work at say nine o’clock and then five o’clock or maybe half five, you leave and you got home, that’s your working day.

And most people then don’t get home and turn the computer on and do emails and things at night. Some people do. but when you’re working from home., the first thought you have is great, I’ve saved all my commute time. I mean that might be as much as three hours a day, cause some people have an hour and a half or more  there and back.  I’ve certainly had those sorts of commutes at times in my life when I was working. So you think I’ve got three hours a day extra. and that’s true. And you can maybe put some good use to, that might be an opportunity to, as you talked about slowing down and spending more time with God and perhaps meditating and finding a quiet spot and all of that.

You can go into Christian and learn how to be mindful and, and all of those sorts of things to replace that time that you have on the train.

But also just be careful because actually one of the secrets that many people don’t realize, a lot of people, a lot of bosses think if you, if they let people work from home, what are people going to do?  They’re going to sit around, watch Netflix, and not do any work.

Now maybe there might be some people that do that, but if that’s what they really like. You don’t want them working for you at all. But the truth is people waste time in the office too. You know, there are people who are looking at Facebook when they’re supposed to be doing work in the office or chatting too much to their work colleagues when they’re supposed to be in the office .Actually  when people work from home  they often work harder than people in the office cause they, they don’t have those moments where they’re chatting, which actually I believe are important.   They’re part of that rest directive. Nature. They are also a point where ideas come up and you know, you can say what happened, you know, asking for advice. And so sometimes I think you do need to have those moments as we were talking about where you just connect with someone, not necessarily with a particular purpose in mind, but maybe something will come out of that conversation.

You do need to be careful because what can happen is all that commute time you just start working earlier. Especially if you’d been working in bed, you know, it comes to nine o’clock pm, you’re like, Oh, I wonder if the Americans have said something. If you’re working with American, so you log on and look again, which I know is a temptation these days with the smart phones anyway, but I would certainly say make sure you know when you’re working and when you’re not.

And of course, if you’ve got kids, you might need to have some flexibility with that. You might need to say, well, I’m going to take a proper one and a half hour lunch break, focus on the kids. And if we’re allowed to, you know, get out of the house and walk.

Another tip I would say is watch out for exercise cause I became a blimp. I didn’t know exercise at all for many months and years when I was at home. Because in, at least if you’re going to work, you have to walk to the train or one run to the train. If you’re late. A walk up and down the steps at the train station or whatever.

So, you know, and I think this is crucial. I mean, I know in China they’ve been literally locking people up and you know, not allowing them to leave the house. And there may come a time where at times we have to do that. But, I would hope that if you live near a forest, for example, certainly at the moment you can get in a car and drive to the forest and have a bit of a walk if you make sure that you’re at least six feet or more away from somebody and outside. IF you’re, you know, if you’re at least six, eight, 10 feet away from somebody, I guess it’s going to be quite hard to catch this, this virus. So I would say, you know, find some form of exercise. And if you can’t go to the gym, there are actually workout routines you can do at home.

So things like seven minute exercise routine, it doesn’t need any equipment at all. It makes me sound like I’m a fitness freak these days. I’m not because I have other reasons why I struggled to do some of those things, but I definitely would encourage you, especially if you’re someone who, who currently does a lot of physical activity not to just stop.

I mean, you actually lose your muscle really quickly. I mean, they’ve shown studies that that when people go to space and things like that, they come back and they’re not able to walk so. Be very careful about just lying in bed and working all day and not getting up and doing anything. Any other thoughts?

Rich: Yes, I think having a balanced approach is really important. So, there’ll be aspects of your work routine that you think particularly rewarding those things that really. Get you inspired and motivated and you want to get after  on the work Kong. so somehow being, if possible, you know, spacing those out, in between those activities that have to be done, but maybe don’t float your boats so much.

You are a little bit more in control of, of your work.. Spacing in such a way that keeps you moving, keeps, keeps you inspired and keeps you motivated. Yeah. We’d really have to take responsibility in that respect. so that we were productive.

Adrian: Yes. Cause I mean even if you work for a big company, when you work from home, suddenly you’re your own boss.

You know, you haven’t got anyone watching over you, you know, the shop steward or whatever, making sure, Hey, Hey, work over there. Stop talking, get on with it. You know. or saying, Hey, this meeting needs to stop now, or, you know, whatever. And so I think we then need to be our own bosses, but I’ve noticed something about people who are their own bosses.  And certainly for me, when I, I’ve been my own boss at various points, is that we tend to be the worst boss we’ve ever experienced. we are so cruel to ourselves, you know, we think. You lazy person. Whereas actually our own boss would say, no, it’s all right. Have a lunch break. Whereas  we don’t want to let ourselves have a lunch break.

Oh, that’s another thing. Make sure you eat and eat well, because sometimes if you’re working from home, it’s easy to go from nine o’clock till five not have a break, not eat anything, because there’s no staff canteen. So you’ve actually got to get organized and get some food in. Maybe that means going to the shop early in the morning when no one else is there or late at night when no one else is there.

Or if you can get a slot of an internet order, get that done. But make sure you’ve got food in the house. and good quality food, because that will help as well. Try not to take too much coffee and tea, cause too much caffeine is bad for you. And, and things like that. And you certainly don’t want to be drinking fizzy drinks all day and things like that because it can be very, very unhealthy if you’re not careful.

So thinking about your health, thinking about your wellbeing, thinking about how to do some recreation fun even is just watching that flex. There’s nothing wrong with that occasionally, but not letting Netflix dominate. You’ve got to find other ways, as we were talking about earlier, about connecting, maybe finding a hobby, if you’re able to do that.

I know my wife, she loves spinning, so she has a busy day in the office. One of the ways she, w unwinds is spinning and making missing stuff. And it’s beautiful stuff that she makes. and it’s, you know, it’s doesn’t require her to be, using her reasoning brain. And it actually, in a way, it’s a form of mindfulness, I guess, because you’re focused on that creative moment.

Any other thoughts?

Rich: I think, maybe. There’s a book you haven’t read the, he’s been sitting on the shelf and you know that the content is going to help you in a particular Edo of your life, and maybe now use the tongue to deliberately set the state’s time and space to focus on that particular book and read through it with the Lord  and it could actually be a transformative process. if we connect with gold, and seek to implement what we learn, and it gives us the time and the space, that we might not have had, when we had to go to work. So take advantage of that cause you’re not, you’re making an investment in yourself on your own, walk with God and you don’t capacity to move forward and grow as a person.

So it’s really important that we, we hit the post button on, on the treadmill. Some things snap off and learn and the quiet, quieter. A more solitary place, and we’re actually equipping our shelves for length. It’s an investment rather than, opting eight, eh, it’s that important.

Adrian: That’s brilliant.

Richard. I’m just trying to think if there’s anything else. Oh, yeah, I suppose actually. It might be a good opportunity to get a board game out of an evening. You know, if you’re all stuck in the house together like the old days, you know when it was cold and snowy and you know at Christmas time some of those things that we do at Christmas, maybe playing charades or chess is one of the things I love.

And actually you can play chess online, which is quite interesting and you are actually playing other human beings. scrapple yeah. All of those things, you know, I mean cause. Sometimes. I mean, this is going to go on for a while. I think that’s the thing. One of my kids was actually getting quite excited about the idea that college will, will probably close at some point and it probably will.

but one of the reasons I haven’t done it yet, or they haven’t stopped churches meeting yet, although I think some churches in Scotland I think isn’t over a hundred in Scotland already, and that may come in soon. 500. Okay. But it may be a hundred at some point. You know, it depends on the country. And then of course, some point we might be told we’re not allowed to go out at all apart from to buy food, I guess.

But then, well I suppose what we’re saying is that, you know, they said, Oh, it’s going to be great. And, but then they stopped and thought about it. I thought, yeah, it’d be great for the first three days, but then after a while it can, you can feel a bit, you know, stuck in, yeah. And that’s where getting away mentally, if you can find a way, whether it’s through men, meditation, mindfulness, or whether it’s through just watching.

I mean, one of the things, you know, it’s interesting, I think we don’t do enough of, is watching nature programs. I mean, there’s a reason why Richard Attenborough is so popular. And actually the Proverbs says, go to the ant. Oh, sluggard. You don’t sit. Consider these ways and be wise. So I think there’s something, you know, you can watch.

A two hour documentary about elephants. I mean, there was one on Apple TV I watch recently called the Elephant queen, and it was like. Oh wow. And there’s something about, again, like you were saying, it’s an opportunity to learn actually. Cause there are things we can learn from these things, not just, Oh, you know, the facts about elephants, but something about their interactions and how they are together and stuff.

And it makes you worship God because you think what a wonderful creation we’ve made. So, you know, you might not be able to go and visit Africa right now and go on Safari, but you can do that sitting in your lounge. And many of us have got great high definition TVs and we can allow ourselves. In that moment of being frustrated because we’re stuck at home to let us always be sucked into that moment.

And, and maybe just slowly or listening to a podcast. That’s another thing. You can listen to one hour, two hour podcast. And I mean, there’s a few of our chats that we’ve had him, That actually, that can be a good moment for someone because we’re so used to sort of little snippets, 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there.

So sometimes it’s actually quite good for us to just sit down and it’s a little bit less challenging, perhaps a little bit less stimulating. Perhaps it might be a good way of unwinding before going to sleep to listen to somebody waffling on for awhile. And there are many, many great podcasts out there and sermons you can listen to you.

That’s the other thing. If you can’t go to church. You know, Spotify is great. You can get a list of your favorite songs that God uses to speak to you and you can play those, but don’t just play them in the background. Sit down and focus and worship God on your own or with your family. Singing along to some of these, these tracks that you like, thinking about the words, trying to worship in the way that you would on a Sunday morning rather than just seeing it as any old music playing in the background while I’m driving along.

And listening to sermons and doing Bible study. All of those things is sometimes I think we can, all of that gets off lost by the wayside, but we’ve got no excuse really, especially if we’re the sort of person that has a three hour commute, suddenly you’ve got three more hours a day. That you can use in some profitable way, whether that’s a new hobby, whether that’s spending more time with God, listening to sermons, worshiping, learning how to meditate, and those sorts of things. Anyway, is there anything else that you can think of as we come to a close, Rich that we’ve missed?

Rich: No, I think, and as we close, perhaps I could just pray for those you’re watching or listening to this. just thought they would be able to make good joints over the coming period. So father, I give you thanks for your presence with us. Lord. We come before you. Now, even in prayer, I’ll ask written each one, watching or listening to this podcast that you would enable each one to, seek UGI during this turning to make good choices with higher, the use third time, especially for those  her heart to sell.

Isolate. we pray for each one, but they would be huge relationships that loneliness where possible we’d be avoided. And, there’d be blessing of community, honored relationship, even a jeering Manny or describing a segway solution. So we ask, Lord, for your blessing on your church, on your people. Now that we see your face at the spring on girl culture and our walk with you and we ask these things in the name of Jesus.


Well, thank you very much. Visit for more interviews. And I promise you there’s plenty of stuff you can fill your time with there to either read, watch, or listen to as you’re trying to go to sleep at night. I’ll send you to sleep. And also Chris,

Dot. UK, where you can learn how to meditate and learn a bit more about, Richard.. If you go onto my site, there’s an interview I filmed with Rrich a little while ago where we talk a lot. about mindfulness meditation and how that can help you manage perhaps the anxiety that many people are feeling.

We’d be talking very practically today about things you can do if you’re working from home or self isolating. but that would give you a little bit more sort of spiritual insight. There’s also a sermon on, where RT Kendall was preaching to those going through the worst trial of their lives.

And for some of us, this is going to be the worst trial of our lives. You might be thinking, well, that’s a bit of an overstatement, but it will be for some. And so that might be something you might want to watch, listen to or read to prepare yourself, on the assumption that this, this could get quite hard.

So enjoy, any more free time that you get if you are asked to work from home.  And have some fun with it. If you can. Don’t beat yourself up. Let yourself relax a bit, but also take it as an opportunity, as we’ve spoken today to, to pursue God and maybe learn a new skill. So all the best everybody. And if you can think of any other tips for people working from home or self isolating, obviously there are all sorts of practical things about needing to get food delivered and ways in which we can help each other as neighbors.

It would be great for you to share in the, in the comments box. . So thank you very much everybody and thank you.


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