A New Year Full Moon

A New Year Full Moon December 31, 2017

thesecretThe first day of the year we welcome in a full moon. The Wolf Moon (also called the Cold Moon) howls at 9:24 PM Eastern on January 1st when we welcome in the year with a Supermoon. The following Full Moon is also in January, the last day of the month – the 31. It has no given name, which makes it a Blue Moon. This particular Blue Moon will likely look red in some areas, because it will cause a total lunar eclipse, also known as a Blood Moon (more on that later in the month).

The Moon is in the watery sign of Cancer. When we are in Cancer, we often ‘feel’ everything and seeing that Cancer rules Motherhood, you may feel very emotional during this time. If your mom has crossed over, there may be an aching to talk to her. Or if you are lucky to still have mom here, you may be urged to call or spend time with her.  If you are single you crave a relationship. Even if you are in a healthy relationship, you may simply feel unloved.  Past wounds and low self-esteem is the main course.

During this time you might also have chest, breast or stomach issues, panic attacks, anxiety, and dizziness. Don’t discount them as astrological, however, and seek medical attention if severe.

For those extra emphatic, be prepared as this full moon is filled with energy. It might make you panic or motivate you. It might make you feel exhausted or exhilarated.

It is good for:

  • Home projects
  • Being honest with yourself and others with regards to your relationship
  • Beginning new hobbies or an artistic study
  • Starting a family
  • Get a mammogram or girly exam
  • Exploring your ancestor
  • Spending time with family
  • Signing up for school
  • Spending time around water
  • Embracing the emotions that you feel

On the negative side you may feel sad one moment, happy the next. Calm, and then anxious, all without warning. People may react erratically with more road rage and crazy drivers. Full Moons often bring strange weather patterns, and big scandals. You may feel more intuitive, have more paranormal experiences, and feel more tuned in to other’s lies. We will see this energy ease up on Tuesday.

Self-care during this time helps with staying grounded. Drink hot drinks. Write a letter to someone you are upset with or missing, and then burn it. Hug a tree (really). Eat a salad. Take a hot bath with Epsom salts. Exercise. Smudge yourself. Diffuse some essential oils (lavender, cedarwood, or rosemary can help). Go out with friends or family. Spend some time thinking of what you did in 2017 that you don’t want to in 2018. 

It’s also the time to get your crystals out to re-charge them. Choose a location that feels happy and is safe from kids and pets. It can be a front porch, a windowsill, or even the dash of your car.

Frustration and impatience, two typical reactions to Full Moons, are both negative attributes, which throw more negative your way.  Turn off your negative mental chat that is sabotaging the life that you so deserve.  How do you do that?  The first thing is by acknowledging that you are doing it and when a negative thought arises, tell yourself  ‘STOP!‘ and replace the negative thought with a positive one.  Or simply take some deep breathes.  We can’t always have a head full of sunshine, but little by little you will notice that your negative thoughts will start to dissipate.  Think of it as mental scum and you are erasing it away with your happy thoughts.  By simply turning down the volume of negative chatter, the things you have been wanting in your life will begin to show up – whatever you are dreaming of.  Always remember that what you focus on expands and if it is negative, then that is what you will get.

If you completed the New Moon list and wrote out your checks for the previous year, take them back out, reiterate your wishes and either put it away, with faith that all is taken care of, or burn it, sending it off into the ethereal.

Full Moons are like mirrors for your soul. Everything is exposed and that can sometimes be tough. This moon is about pushing fear out of the way, though, and learning to be kind to yourself. So what makes this moon so super? It brings with it more energy than a normal one, so take time to emphasize the goo. Now, let me hear your howl.

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