Hank Hanegraaff on “Misconceptions about Muslims”

Hank Hanegraaff on “Misconceptions about Muslims” March 10, 2008

Came across some refreshingly evenhanded and principled comments on Islam from an evangelical Christian perspective  ("Misconceptions About Muslims – equip.org")  by noted American Christian apologist Hank Hanegraaff (a.k.a. the "Bible Answer Man").

While he doesn’t name names, he implicitly repudiates the ignorance and hysteria  concerning Islam that have become practically de rigueur on the Christian Right today. Many (most?) of his  colleagues have embraced slander and dehumanizing innuendo that aren’t very becoming in "Christians" worth the name, and Hanegraaff clearly understands how hypocritical and ultimately counterproductive such cheap tactics are.

I’ve often listened to his radio show over the years and have always found it stimulating and informative, even if I occasionally have problems with his hermeneutic stance (in a nutshell, IMHO he occasionally forgets his erudition and lapses into the "I-don’t-interpret-scripture" fallacy that plagues so much evangelical thinking).

Islam’s rarely been a topic on his show in my experience, but whenever it has arisen I have found his comments admirably balanced. In the excerpt–which is a tantalizingly short 2 minutes in length–he makes some profound points that a lot of people in his community desperately need to ponder these days.

The truth, not ill-informed trash-talking, shall set us all free. May more of his colleagues on Christian radio discover this elementary Christian value.

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