The Most Post-Christian Cities in the U.S.

The Most Post-Christian Cities in the U.S. July 26, 2018

Four Most Interesting Tidbits in Barna’s Research…


If you look at the top 10 cities you’ll see that 8 of them are in New England – so, pretty much 80% of New England is going to hell (jokes, people).


To no surprise, the south not just has the city with the highest percentage of mega-church attenders (Chattanooga, TN) but, is the least “post-Christian” filling all of the last 10 spots of this list.


Speaking of marriage, shout out to Hillsong NYC and all the millennial brooklyners, as “The highest percentage of never married practicing Christians reside in New York City (32% | U.S. Average: 19%)[2].”


The most painful statistic was on wealth disparities; as Barna’s research team goes on to highlight this saying, “Economic disparities are very real among practicing Christians. More than half of all practicing Christians in Augusta / Aiken, Georgia (54% | U.S. Average: 29%) earn what Barna considers a “low income” (under $30K). Washington, DC / Hagerstown, Maryland (46% | U.S. Average: 27%) boast the highest percentage of upper income practicing Christians (those who earn $75K+)[2].”

But, yeah, to no further ado here are the “Top 100 Most Post-Christian Cities in the U.S”…

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