April 20, 2022

Two weeks after Russian tanks first rolled into Ukraine, the Time Magazine’s March 14 issue boldly proclaimed “The Return of History” with an image of a tank on its cover. That statement could be read in a number of ways, given its context. A reference to Francis Fukuyama’s iconic book, The End of History and the Last Man, the title acknowledged something that Fukuyama himself stated soon after: that his theory of the triumph of democratic liberal capitalism, symbolized by... Read more

April 19, 2022

Chris considers another analogy between WWII and the war in Ukraine: how the arguments made by one leading opponent of war against Nazi Germany anticipated conservative sympathies for Vladimir Putin. Read more

April 18, 2022

I have recently had the pleasure of hosting a two-speaker conference on the theme of “Loneliness and Solitude” on the campus of Valparaiso University. We choose this topic because we thought it might connect well with students’ experience of Covid, while also shedding light on a difficult and perennial aspect of the human condition. Our two invited guests were Samantha Rose Hill (Senior Fellow at the Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities and Associate Faculty at the Brooklyn Institute... Read more

April 14, 2022

In several past blogs, I have commented on the extreme difficulty of reading the New Testament in English translation (or any translation), where you miss a lot of the connections, echoes, and resonances that would strike a Greek speaker. The same is true of Hebrew in the Old Testament, where reading in even the best translation means missing a great many puns and word-plays, but that’s a separate subject. Here I want to focus on one particular Greek word that... Read more

April 13, 2022

I’m currently on a research trip in England, so am posting from my Anxious Bench archives. Since I wrote this Easter post in 2017, probably a lot of folk missed it. I have updated the images from my very recent trip last Sunday to Norwich–ceiling bosses from the magnificant Norwich Cathedral and sites associated with Julian of Norwich.  Speaking of Norwich, stay tuned for a postscript I have written for the one year anniversary of The Making of Biblical Womanhood... Read more

April 12, 2022

In recent days, Marc Chagall's WWII-era painting of a "Ukrainian Family" has been circulating on social media. Chris explains why it matters that it actually shows a Jewish family, and why Chagall often used Christian iconography to respond to the Shoah. Read more

April 11, 2022

During Holy Week, it’s tempting to think about the way, or rather, the Way. That particular word appears often in the gospels, but the dilemmas of translation make it hard to see that – or shall we say, even to find the way. Let me explain. For some years now, I have found it hard to read the New Testament in English alone. Now, don’t think I’m showing off there. My Greek is no better than OK (although it is... Read more

April 8, 2022

Husezo Rhakho is a doctoral student in the Religion Department at Baylor University. He holds a BA in History from Patkai Christian College, an MDiv from Kohima Bible College in Nagaland, India, and a ThM in Christian Thought (World Missions/Global Christianity), from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He studies World Christianity and History of Christian Mission, particularly in Asia. His research centers on the trends and growth of Christianity in the global south from an insider’s perspective.  He comes from Nagaland, in... Read more

April 7, 2022

As empires spread around the world, they carry with them ideas and institutions, and terminology, usually with no intent of doing so. From the nature of imperial rule, military forces are a great vehicle for such themes, or memes, if you like. Witness how bagpipes survive and flourish in a great many armies across Africa and Asia, pretty much wherever the British army of old made its presence felt (and heard, loudly). Last time I discussed how the Turkish idea... Read more

April 6, 2022

Reflections on a book of peace written by a violent man Read more

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