News and updates!

News and updates! January 29, 2019
Ben contemplates his words, at Petra.

First, I am actively looking to relocate my blog away from Patheos. I’ve decided the intrusive ads and my lack of control over formatting (bold for links?) and other things (lost Logos plugin, etc.) are not worth the free hosting anymore. It’s not happening immediately, and I’ll certainly post when it does.

Second, you might have noticed that the Come Follow Me schedule represents some reordering in the chapters of the New Testament, at least for the gospels. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to rewrite all my posts from scratch to fit. I’ll do my best, but there are likely to be some disconnects or repetitions.

Third, my doctoral exams and dissertation proposal are tentatively scheduled for mid-May, which means I have an anxious ton of work to do between now and then. After that, it’s just research and writing. My dissertation topic will be post-1970 creationism and evolution in the LDS Church Education System, as represented by the BYUs and in Church manuals.

Fourth, I was interviewed by Rick Bennett of LDS Gospel Tangents over the break, about Genesis, evolution, history, and some related topics. The first part of that has been posted here (note the link to the Youtube video. The few comments on Youtube are already very Youtubish. ) I haven’t watched it yet, but I hope that since I was speaking spontaneously, I didn’t embarrass myself at all; I can assume that I wish I would have said X more clearly, or not have forgotten Y. In any case, there’s probably 2-3 good hours of material there, once it’s all posted. And of course, for all my posts on Genesis see here, and all my posts on evolution, here.

Fifth, I have some upcoming travel and public speaking to announce. Thanks to my brilliant wife, we’ll spend a little time in London and Paris in early June, before being in Berlin for a month.

Then it’s to Utah for good chunks of late July and August, both doing research and participating in some conferences and workshops. I will be revising, expanding, and re-presenting my Joseph Smith Papers Conference presentation on LDS creation accounts and absolutist revelation at the FAIRMormon Conference August 7-9.

And although tentative (through the first round of approval so far) I am on the schedule for BYU’s Education Week, August 19-23. I will teach 4 different 1-hr workshops on, essentially, reading the Bible in context. These lectures/workshops represent an expansion of my Sperry Symposium presentation. I anticipate talking about Bible translations, study tools (like note-taking, using free Logos software instead of Strong’s Concordance), linguistic and literary contexts, genres, the false dichotomy of literal/figurative, and why we need to read scripture literally (and what that actually means! It’s not what you think!) Should be a lot of fun.

So, lots happening here, lots of excitement, lots to come. Jazz hands.

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