Lent and Old Hobbits

Lent and Old Hobbits February 12, 2011

Lent will be upon us soon, and time to repent of our bad hobbits, err  habits.   One hobbit I will not be repenting of however is the Peter Jackson produced films of the same name.   Jackson recently had emergency surgery, so the production schedule is a bit behind, but will begin on March 21 as Lent is underway.  All the sites in New Zealand have already been scouted, and it looks like we will see more rather than less familiar faces from the LOTR series in this film as well.   I was hoping to be cast as a young Smeagle but unfortunately I was too old.  My  New Zealand pipeline is keeping me up to date with alerts on these films, so I will keep you apprised.   Expect and 2012 release for the first of these two films.

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