Roman Remains and Recreations

Roman Remains and Recreations June 24, 2011

They are everywhere in the Mediterranean world.  In famous places and obscure places. In high places and low places. In easy to get to places and in hard to imagine places.  The remains of the Roman world— aqueducts, tombs, roads, bridges forts, cities.  You name it, they are still hanging around in ruined form, and in some cases (like bridges) they are still being used.  Here are some of the more interesting items I have found in museums in Turkey recently that fall into this category.   What you see below include metal hand lamps, elegant pots, glassware,  a copper statue of Hermes, a funerary monument to an elite person with a scroll, a soldiers’ memorial with the eagle insignia,  early evidence of boots with spikes or hobnails on them,  and nice recreations of elite women of the Roman period.

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