Taekwondon’t! March 30, 2012

I’ve been digging around in my Facebook account, because of the new “timeline” format.  I looked around for a photo and eventually settled on the same view of Lake Lucille in my blog header above.  (Do you like the new Facebook timeline?  This is how my page looks now, with the gigantic photo at the top. It will take me a bit to get used to it!)

However, as I was looking through pictures, I found this photo of Tripp and a friend of mine!

Can you see Tripp’s little outfit?  My little boy has always loved hockey and riding snow machines like my dad. Now, I’ve enrolled him in a taekwondo class… Of course, this is only a good thing until he starts trying to break my coffee table in two.

If he does that, I’ll say, “taekwodon’t!”

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  • I wish your mom was running for president.I dont like anyone who is running.Who are you & your mom voting for?God bless.Love yas.

  • Justine Stewart

    So cute! My 4 year old son is also in Taekwondo. I think it’s really good for kids! Thanks for sharing again! 🙂

  • LMA

    Very sweet. Taekwondo is a great sport for little ones. It instills discipline and an appreciation for staying active. My son loved it when he was little. He’s now 17 and an excellent athlete who enjoys keeping fit and watching what he eats.

  • Ruth Beaty

    So cute!! Glad to see you have a friend…

  • bellagrazi

    “taekwodon’t!”! Hahaha Tripp is definitely a well-rounded kid. It’ll probably be a few years until he can break your coffee table in two. Haha But he’s a Palin, so you never know. I love the cover photo feature on Timeline. Beautiful shot of Lake Lucille! Your “friend” is very cute, Bristol. You two make an adorable couple.

    • mitchethekid

      Ummm. No. His last name is Johnston. At least as far as we know.

      • bellagrazi

        Who’s “we”? Haha Bristol is Tripp’s mom. Bristol is a Palin. Hence, Tripp is a Palin. I don’t care what his last name is. He’s still a Palin.

        • myj

          He also a Johnston and will always be a Johnston…

          • bellagrazi

            In name only. Bristol is the one who supports Tripp financially, and takes care of him on a daily basis. Levi is too busy not working. He can’t live off the Palin name forever. He needs to grow up and get a job.

          • Millie

            oops, Mercede did you make a slip!!!!!

  • Mary

    Oh my goodness!! Sooooo cute! You and Tripp are just adorable!!

  • Barb May

    Too cute!! Enjoy every moment…they grow up so fast! The youngest of my four kids just turned 40….seems like just yesterday he was the age of Tripp.

  • Susie Dove

    I love your sense of humor, Bristol! I sure would like to meet up with you one day & just hang out with you & your little man!

  • Leslie Wagner

    Have fun with him, and boy does your post bring back some really great memories of my son and his marshal arts. I could never bring myself to watch him compete because I was afraid for him. I know. Silly really, but there you have it.:)

  • Maleena

    No worries, Bristol… Both my boys took Taekwondo and no broken coffee tables:) But a lot of discipline, respect and self esteem. Hope Tripp enjoys it as much as my boys!!!!!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  • Pardon my boastfulness for awhile. My son started playing hockey when he was 7(old I know) and in his senior year in high school, his travel team were NY State champions. He stopped playing hockey well into his 30’s. Your Mom signed a photo of me holding a rally sign I had made( ’08 election) about me being an X-hockey mom for a Palin victory. It is proudly displayed in my living room.
    My 13 yr old grandson is a black belt in karate and his 8yr old brother will be one later this year. It teaches discipline and respect which is so lacking in todays “me first” culture.
    I am enjoying your postings.

  • Great header! Very lovely. as is your adorable little boy! Best of Luck to you always,

  • Mariah

    Awe 🙂 how cute!!!! I would play hocky if I wasnt so scared to!! LOL!! 🙂 hve a great weekend Bristol!!

  • I love the photo of Tripp and yourself…and your Lake Lucille panorama shot. Good that you enrolled Tripp in Tae Kwon Do classes.

    You motivated me to move my personal Facebook Profile to the Timeline. I’d been reticent and holding out. I’m glad I upgraded. What’s nice about it is that if you need to find a Note, Photo or Comment, you can go back by month and year. With the old format, it just got buried and when you scrolled, the page would scroll back up. Complete waste of time it was. Going to upgrade some pages I manage too.

  • So glad to see you going more public Bristol. I like to hear anything I can about you and your wonderful family. I chatted on FB one night with your mother and it was very exciting to me.

  • Sue Lynn

    Great job Bristol with Tripp!!! Nice looking kind friend you got!!!!!

  • Joseph

    Oh, yeah! I remember seeing this photo on your Facebook page. I didn’t take the time notice that he was wearing a Tae Kwon Do uniform in this photo; That’s great that he’s taking a class!

  • Shawn

    Hi Bristol…I HATE the new Timeline. Facebook just trying to control my profile. 🙁 Anyhow..I love the pic u used for it tho. I wish you had Twitter! 😉 Anyhow..it seems life is good for you. Happy for ya. I got a crush on ya…lol. If u wanna go out, let me know. 🙂

    • Lisa

      I hate the timeline for Facebook too! It’s really hard to get used to. But, I guess we’ll all adjust.

      Bristol – love the picture and enjoy every minute of Tripp’s learning new things. Hide the coffee table and all will be well! LOL

  • Georgia

    You will have an amazing adventure ahead with your precious son, Bristol. The best is yet to be.

  • Tripp is soo cute

  • Bonny Batman

    Got interested in your Mom as mayor, then Governor, because of following the Iditarod. Since being preoccupied with raising my own family, kind of watched the politican scene from the side lines – until the Governor of Alaska became a VP pick. First time in my life I activity campaigned for anyone. The after math and disgusting news behavior, sent me into orbit. Been involved ever since. Been following and enjoying, all the wonderful – positive – things that have happened to your family. Lord knows we are being handed mostly negative nonsense. Voted every week for you on dancing with the stars, follow your Dad’s racing, on Team Sarah constantly, and just pleased we have such a decent family in the lime light for all to enjoy, and emulate. I know your family is not perfect, but I can appreciate, understand, and certainly agree with most everything I see or read. Was also very pleased with meeting your Mom a couple of times here in Pa. and have a picture of the two of us in my office. My Mom use to say, with this silly grin – sometimes your mistakes turn out better than the things you plan – like you for instance. Then we’d laugh, and I’d say gotcha. Tripp looks like one beautiful gotcha, and I’m sure you will always enjoy him. Love you guys, and thrilled to see you are doing so well. Take care
    Thank You Bonny B. of Pa.

  • Rosali Elzig

    Good decision Bristol. Taekwondo is a good sport for boys.



  • I can’t wait till my little guy is old enough to take part in many of these events. Just found out I have another little guy on the way. 🙂 Your an awesome mother Bristol and have a great family. Keep up the good work.

    Phoenix, Arizona

  • Rick Patel

    We love beautiful Bristol and her brave, brilliant mother, Sarah.

  • David Dempsey

    Bristol, good decision on the class for Tripp. Taekwondo is good conditioning for the body and the mind.

  • Nita L

    It’s OK Bristol. It was hard for me to get over the new FB change, and the picture. You did great. Since I love water wheels, I chose one they offered. Very serene. Tripp looks so adorable. What a gift from God. Remember, a mother’s arms are made of tenderness to which children come to them, also sleep soundly in them. Good traits your momma taught you, I would be my last dime! As long as you keep that lil fella active in life around him, but first in life “above” him, he’ll carry on the generational gifts God promised to all of us. Having raised my two children on my own since my daughter was two, my son was four, it was the hardest experiences ever. They went to youth group, church, bible study..so I did plant the seed. My daughter, now age 31, is “Spiritual”..if she can’t see it, forget it. My son, 33, Special Forces Army for 10 years, however, he he did his Boot Camp the summer between 11th and 12th grade. Now..that’s a TRUE Graduation. I did, not his dad, flew to Missouri to Ft. Leonardwood, and WOW. I had a new man in my life. I pray his 4th wife will help him see the light. That’s my prayer. It hasn’t been generational in my life, but I do ask God to help me through prayer, “especially”, since they all live so far away. I’m rambling.. Love you, your family, also lift you all up to heaven. You’re momma..I thank God for her. Dad too, of course. Without them, you might have not been born. I adore you, your strength and courage!! Hope your coffee table lasts~~haha 🙂 God always hold you..HE DOES!

  • Douglas Bates

    Keep up the good blogs . Tripp should like that verry much. God bless you.

  • sarah simpson

    love your blogs Bristol. keep up the good work, and good luck to you and Trip.

  • Mary GW

    Very cute picture Bristol.. I do like Timeline for my own use. I know that a lot of people who play games on Facebook hate it because they can’t find the game shares but I like looking back at things I post… I think it looks better. Yes, I am looking at my own page….LOL!!!

  • Mrs B

    I put my daughter in taekwondo classes when she small, she loved it. It kept her in great physical condition. One thing they teach in those classes is respect for others as well as themselves. It’s a wonderful way to learn about life. You won’t regret putting him in the classes. Enjoy him, Bristol. Children don’t stay that small for very long. My best regards to your good parents.

  • Frederick Lang

    Beautiful photo Bristol but in one word about if I like the new Facebook Timeline…NO!

    God bless

  • Jack Bennett

    I love the way you share your family moments with all of us, T/Y God bless you.

  • I love going to Lake Lucille for photo ops. Looking across the water at the Chugach Mtns is always a beautiful sight, no matter the time of year. We are so lucky to live in the Mat-Su, surrounded by such beauty!

    It’s terrific that Tripp is so involved in so many different things at such a young age! Keep him busy, let him learn new things and watch him blossom!

    As for Facebook, my personal page hasnt switched over yet but I have a business page that did and I HATE it. The thing giving me the biggest problem? The stupid timeline cover photo! I have been fighting with it for 2 days now and it wont fit, grrrr. Dang Facebook!

    Have a great weekend Bristol!

  • Wayne R

    I’m still getting used to the “new” facebook page too. Eventually I will get the hang of it. It always takes us old folks a little longer!

    I do like the panoramic view of the lake at the top of your page

  • Nice pic, Bristol. Trigg is so cute! I haven’t seen the new FB page yet, so can’t comment. Hopefully it won’t be harder to use…..

  • Jan

    Darling photo of Tripp,your friend and you.
    We are thrilled your mom is co-hosting The Today. Tuesday, April3.

  • blackbird

    I do not have a facebook account, but I have briefly seen the timeline, it looks user friendly also I do not like the box in the header it takes away from the header photo.

    Tripp in his taekwondo outfit reminds me of the The Force: Volkswagen Commercial.


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  • kate

    what a happy photo. Are you going to do taekwondo as well?

  • Chris in Ottumwa

    One cute kid! So glad you went the route of having your baby instead of the sad route many ladies take with abortion. I can’t imagine how many cute kids are not here because of abortion! It is so sad for the kids and for the parents, too.

  • myj

    I thought you and Gino were getting marry and plan to have more kids… Tripp is one handsome little dude, he must have gotten his blond hair and blue eyes from his Auntie… Gino, ok, as long as Tripp know and have a relationship with his real father, Levi… This is very improtant for his self-esteem, that he is loved by his father, even if you and Levi have nothing to do with each other…. It will take Tripp a long way, just by having a good relationship with his father.

    • bellagrazi

      Is this Mercede? Haha Actually, I think Tripp looks a lot like his Papa. (Bristol’s dad) I’d love to see a picture of him when he was a child. And, of course, Tripp resembles Bristol to a “T”. (who favors her dad’s side) Levi had the opportunity to be in Tripp’s life, but blew it. He has no job, no responsibilities, and no future. It’s more important that Tripp has stability in his life. Levi doesn’t provide that.

      • myj

        No, it not Mercede…. Levi had blond hair when he was about Tripp age… Well the picture I saw, he was a little older. He also look like his Aunt Mercede and grandmother, Sherri? I think that’s her name, no sure…

        • bellagrazi

          Tripp does not look like Mercede or her mom at all! He’s got beautiful features. Of course he resembles Levi a little, he’s his biological father. But he’s starting to look more and more like Bristol as he gets older.

      • myj

        No… I believe Bristol is keeping Tripp from Levi and his family, it is wrong. In the long run it can cause Tripp to rebell against her when he get order. If she talk negative about his father in front him, it will backfire… It will destroy his self-esteem, because his father will always be apart of him. I have seen it happen many time.

        • bellagrazi

          Bristol is not keeping Tripp from Levi. Levi has no interest in being a father to Tripp. So, of course, he has to lie about the situation, because he doesn’t want to take responsibility for his actions. Tripp has very strong male figures in his life. He will do just fine without Levi.

    • Georgia

      myj, I respectfully disagree. If Gino and Bristol marry, I hope that he will adopt Tripp, and that “deadbeat” Levi graciously gives him permission to do so. The last thing that Tripp needs, in his life, is an irresponsible, self-absorbed and selfish deadbeat father, who wouldn’t recognize TRUTH if it bit him, on the arse. Right now, Levi owes Bristol about $40,000 in unpaid child support payments. It appears that Levi is not fit to parent, Tripp. He ought to just leave Tripp alone and permit him to have role models like Todd and his uncle Track, men with impeccable morals, values, standards, principles and religious convictions. They are both honorable, hard-working and reliable men. If Bristol marries Gino, she has chosen the man she wants to influence Tripp’s life.

      • bellagrazi

        Very well-said, Georgia. Levi’s camp has been extremely quiet regarding his neglect in paying child support for Tripp. Truth hurts. Bristol has always said that Gino is awesome with Tripp. He’s more of a dad to him than Levi ever was. It’s time that Levi does what’s best for Tripp. He needs to sign over his rights as soon as possible.

  • Love is the reason for living.

  • Jan

    I hope you respond on your blog to the accusations The View “hens” clacked about you Thursday, April 5. They said they were quoting the National Enquirer and Joyless Behar judged you as usual.

    • bellagrazi

      I’d love for Bristol to respond, also. The “ladies” of The View could not have portrayed Bristol and Gino in a worse light. My blood was boiling as I watched that clip. Which is exactly why I never watch that show. It’s an extremely hostile environment for conservatives.

      • Georgia

        I agree. Bristol please challenge the so-called “ladies” on “the View” and set the record straight.

  • Joel Luther

    LOL!! “taekwodon’t!” Nice posting, Bristol Palin!! We love you and Tripp so much!! LOL!! As i like to tell everyone, “I’m ready to FIRE OBAMA & HIRE TRIG’S MOMMA!!” SarahBarracuda2012!! 🙂

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  • Tootie

    The REAL father of Tripp will be the one who rears him and loves him and is there for him. I hope that will soon be Gino. Oh, don’t they three look wonderful together?!

    Sarah Palin will be our President soon I believe. Jesus’ hand is on her. What a marvelous President she will be!