Guest Blogging at Access Hollywood

Guest Blogging at Access Hollywood September 25, 2012

Hey Guys!  Just wanted to let you know to watch out for this on Access Hollywood:

LOS ANGELES, CALIF. — CaptionAs she gets ready to do battle in the ballroom, Bristol Palin will join as a guest celebrity blogger for the upcoming season of “Dancing with the Stars: All Stars.”

Each week, Bristol will share an exclusive inside look at the highs and lows from her “Dancing” journey, as well as her take on the behind-the-scenes action and what the cameras didn’t capture from the ABC reality series’ upcoming season.

“I am so excited to be a part of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ again. When I was on the show the first time, I kept thinking, ‘This is a once in a lifetime adventure.’ Well, I’m happy to say that I was wrong!” Bristol shared.

“I’ll be keeping you up to date about my dances, and — yes — whether I’ll be able to do the two step as well as the rest of them,” she added.

Read more here.

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  • Kim Castro

    Congratulations Bristol! Saw your grandfather and uncle on Fox this Morning! Waiting for Willow next! Praying for continued blessings to your family!

  • Awesome! Congratulations!

  • Pamela Masterson

    You did great last night on Dancing with the Stars, You got my votes

  • David

    Bristol, you were pretty good last night on DWTS. Good luck! Hope you win!

  • Gilly

    DWTS ratings are in and its not good. Last night they were down 32%. This is especially bad considering its an ALL Stars edition.

  • ph

    Hi Bristol! You and Mark did awesome last night!

  • Your blog is great. Bristol I hope you keep writing more blogs like this one. Great job Bristol.

  • bellagrazi

    Awesome! Love reading your thoughts on DWTS: All-Stars, Bristol! Congrats!