is a Creationist Fraud is a Creationist Fraud May 6, 2009
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In the Christian blogosphere, there has been a lot of pimping of the new, and totally unbiased website called, All About Science. Well, according to The Cleveland Freethinkers, the site is a creationist fraud.

Some Highlights:

Beneath its cunningly deceptive, scientific-looking home page lies a wealth of highly-polished stealth Creationism.

Worse yet, the group responsible for must have a LOT of money for internet technology, or at least a very good I.T. person… they have succeeded in placing their creationist/intelligent design propaganda VERY high in internet search engine results.


For many, this will be readily apparent- those who can “smell a whiff of Creationism from a mile away” will avoid the deceptive web of these unscientific frauds ”like the plague”.

But what about those who are NOT so scientifically inclined, yet still use the internet as their main tool for research? Is learning “unscientific science” from Randall Niles and his creationist/ID website really in their (or anyone else’s) best interest? I think it best that they be exposed for what they really are- peddlers of religious ideas that have no foundation in science.

One more:

UPDATE: Closer inspection reveals that those responsible for this creationist/intelligent design website are also responsible for

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