Charisma Claims That Ray Comfort Dismantles Atheism With One Scientific Question

Charisma Claims That Ray Comfort Dismantles Atheism With One Scientific Question August 1, 2016

Charisma Claims That Ray Comfort Dismantles Atheism With One Scientific Question

Here’s something to end your day with.

You have probably already heard about Ray Comfort’s upcoming film The Atheist Delusion. If you haven’t here is the trailer:

While I saw this a few weeks back, I must admit I giggled a bit when I read on Charisma this afternoon, that “Ray Comfort Dismantles Atheism With 1 Scientific Question.”

They quote Comfort as saying:

Having to point out the existence of the Creator is like having to point out the sun at noon on a clear day. Despite this, a popular skeptic adage is ‘Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence,’ and thanks to modern science we have that extraordinary evidence. Outspoken atheists such as Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins say that they would believe in God if there was scientific evidence. This movie calls their bluff.

This movie must be powerful. The article even quotes CNN consultant Matt Barber as saying about the film: “Somehow you managed in less than an hour to make the case, beyond any reasonable doubt, for the Creator God … This is your masterpiece.”

Comfort says that he was inspired to make this movie after he took a camera to various Southern Califonia colleges, and asked the “scientific question that he’d never asked atheists before.” He continues:

To my astonishment, those who were open to reason changed their minds about the existence of God in minutes. You can see the light come on in their eyes. We also were able to interview outspoken atheist Professor Lawrence Krauss, the well-known theoretical physicist, and show the scientific flaw in his arguments against the existence of God.

So far, I haven’t heard from Krauss that he found Jesus.

Also, I find it interesting that neither Comfort nor Charisma mention what this “1 question” might be. You would think that if the goal is the salvation of the human race, they would at least hint at it. But, no, you just have to pay for the movie to find out.

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