My Favorite Christian Coloring Pages

My Favorite Christian Coloring Pages February 8, 2014

My children love coloring pages. I also find that an appropriately themed coloring page can help me communicate something effectively to my children.  This is especially the case when I am trying to teach, emphasize or celebrate something having to do with our faith.  However, I have wasted my fair share of time searching the web at the last minute for coloring pages of a particular type or genre, often coming up empty-handed in the end.


Right now, two of my favorite sites for Christian-themed coloring pages are Ministry To Children and Holy Heroes.  Ministry To Children features dozens of free coloring pages and coloring books by artist Mandy Groce that I have used with my kids for years and find outstanding.  Her most recent installment is a series of coloring pages for books of the Bible.


I also recently began getting “Sunday Mass Prep” emails from Holy Heroes each week featuring a kids video and coloring page focusing on the gospel reading for the upcoming Sunday.  There is even an “After Mass Quiz” for each week!  The coloring pages feature a portion of the gospel reading, and the videos are done by children, so I think they would appeal to most kids ages 3-10 years old.  I am hoping these will help me as I try to keep my children interested in what is going on at Mass during these weeks of Ordinary time.



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