The Overdue End of Don't Ask Don't Tell

The Overdue End of Don't Ask Don't Tell September 23, 2011


Commenting on this enormously popular, moving video of an Alabama soldier coming out to his father on the day that the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” finally went into effect, Andrew Sullivan analyzed, reminisced, and celebrated:

This is gay America, ladies and gentlemen: the ordinariness, the humanity, the pain, the promise. And the outreach to his father before his mother makes it all the more powerful. I remember my own dad’s amazingly open love for me even as he absorbed the news of my sexual orientation (and later, when he heard of my HIV diagnosis, when his face fell like a detonated building). I remember my first boyfriend who was in the airforce and whose father was a general in the airforce. He told me one night that he would love to tell his own dad who he was – but that he was afraid his own father would be forced to expel him from the service. I saw then in one instant the pain a patriot and a family man feels when having to choose between his inner nature and the things he loves. No more.

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