Atheism and the Divinity of Truth

Atheism and the Divinity of Truth December 15, 2011

There’s been some great discussion here about issues related to truth – thanks!

Still, I’m surprised that nobody has yet addressed the claims about atheism and reverence for truth.

The real issue for me is whether or not atheists tend to agree with my last paragraph:

Paul Tillich wrote that “whatever concerns a man ultimately becomes god for him, and conversely, . . . a man can be concerned ultimately only about that which is god for him” (1951: 211).  For many atheists, truth seems to be the ultimate concern.  On Tillich’s definition of god as ultimate concern, it looks like truth is the god of the atheists.  Of course, it would not be the Christian God, nor would it be any theistic deity.  Is this right?  Is truth the god of the atheists?  Do atheists worship the truth?  I doubt it.  Perhaps it’s more accurate to say this: atheists revere the truth, and, for atheists, truth is holy, truth is sacred, truth is divine.


Tillich, P. (1951) Systematic Theology.  Vol. 1.  Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

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