Why a secular safe space is still important to me.

Why a secular safe space is still important to me. December 26, 2014

The following was written by guest contributor Amber Adamson.

I struggle a lot when it comes to my feelings about friends and loved ones who belong to Abrahamic faiths. When in public, I often downplay this. Most of the time, it’s not an issue. They’re progressive politically, and we can just work around the subject of religion. It’s really not necessary to talk about, in most contexts, and obviously I don’t think they owe me anything in terms of their identities.

But then I see something — I can’t even necessarily call it a microaggression per se — like a post about LGBT-affirming Jesus floating around Tumblr, and my progressive, forward-thinking Christian friends reblogging it to insinuate it isn’t problematic at all that Jesus never defended queer rights (or that he did it obliquely, or something). And how could it be problematic? He’s Jesus. He can’t be problematic. Never mind that if he’s literally God, as their belief is, he could easily have foreseen the oppression of LGBT people for years to come and foreclosed the possibility, or at least made an attempt to do so within his scriptures.

Which is my issue in a nutshell. I don’t know how to reconcile the uncomplicated good will I may feel for Christian and Muslim (Jewish, as well, albeit I do not have as many Jewish friends) friends with also feeling like even if they are stellar, one-hundred percent leftist-minded types (which they are), they will almost necessarily (so as not to implode from cognitive dissonance) have to minimize certain shitty things done in the name of religions, present in holy books, or existing in the religions’ history. I just don’t see much getting around that. I don’t see getting around thinking Jesus was divine and impeccable and yet also admitting he fucked up. It’s this conflict of opinions that hangs unspoken between us. Who knows? Maybe they feel the same about non-believers. But really, in spite of utopian ecumenical sentiments, I don’t really see this as something that can be talked over and worked out.

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