Off with their heads or how astrology narratives inspire to fix family troubles

Off with their heads or how astrology narratives inspire to fix family troubles July 12, 2018
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Ryan Edward, Playing Cards based on the insets to his Maybe Lenormand deck (Photo: Camelia Elias)

As far as I’m concerned, I’m very clear in my head as to why I’m in the fortunetelling business: because I get to reflect on complex relationships.

I’m always looking for insight when I swing the cards, the astrology charts, the stones, and the bones.

The narratives that we find associated with the different systems, schools, and methods of divination can yield great insight, particularly when it comes to the appropriate action following reflection.

For instance, let’s see what we get out of this narrative from the astrology world, as coupled with divination with the cards:

The New Moon phase today is followed immediately by a solar eclipse, 13 minutes after the exact position, to be more precise.

So what can we make of this information, and how might it help us think in terms of relationships?

The New Moon is in the sign of Cancer, ruling the Moon. Since the Sun is conjoint the Moon, the Sun is thus also in Cancer, ruled by the Moon and being under the moon’s influence.

Cancer is the Moon’s domicile, meaning that the Moon here behaves like the boss, being in control of her affairs. We can expect the Moon to behave at her fullest potential towards the Sun, a guest in her house.

And what are these affairs? They are mostly family related. In astrological cosmology, while the Sun rules the individual life-force, the Moon is a mistress over what the individual desires. And what do we desire? To enjoy recognition and the goodwill of others towards us. We act appropriately when we get to enjoy serving others according to their needs.

Eclipsed desire

Let’s proceed further with our analysis, based on inference and deduction.

Now think: What do you suppose that it means when we see that the Sun is eclipsed in a sign that’s ruled by the Moon, just as the Moon has entered a new cycle phase?

Well, how about this?

Do you have any family members that cause you trouble? Do you have any family members that cause you trouble to the point of the absurd, the point where you simply can’t make heads or tails out of their behavior?

The point about the absurd comes from deducing that insofar as the Sun’s light is what’s eclipsed, that means that whatever clear agenda that ought to inform any familial relationship is now obscured. No one can see a thing, nor reason about it in any way whatsoever.

What do we reflect on when the Moon is ‘new’? We start over. But how exactly? As the Moon bids welcome to the solar eclipse, thus suspending her her so desirous chasing after the Sun, we may as well ponder on how we may eclipse our desires to show up for the family members that don’t get it. More concretely, we can start over with the chopping of some heads. An eclipse is like a sharp sword that cuts off the head that perceives light.

Sometimes you have to think about it this way: When the world of family is anchored in the absurd, the only solution available to you is to stop desiring communing, and start thinking of a different expression than the one oriented towards pleasing the troublesome party.

If you experience a family member trampling all over you, for no good reason other than the ones related to the classical types of behavior induced by unreasonable entitlement, ingratitude, and self-centeredness, you may want to consider saying, ‘off with their heads’. There’s little you can do about the situations that are eclipsed.

Sometimes it’s up to life to give a slap to the member of the family who creates absurd situations, so they may snap out of it. And it they don’t, so be it. The only task we have is to practice the art of acceptance and mind our own business.

Sometimes neither love, the declaration of love, compassion or concern will do. Sometimes what you need to say is ‘off with their heads.’

Tackling the absurd

Take some time today to reflect on the family members that cause you pain and grief, and then ask the cards about how you might find the strength required to step up to a new proclamation, one that has you putting no one above you.

As Camus used to say: ‘In the absurd world, the value of a notion or of a life is measured by its sterility.’

You can’t live other people’s lives, even when they’re your closest, and if they elect to not have a life, the only available option to you is to say: ‘It can’t be helped. May they do what they must.’

As a finer point of insight, you might ask the cards this question that’s even more concrete, yet has a powerful subtle dimension:

In what spirit must I declare that some heads now must roll?

Ryan Edward playing cards

The cards can surprise you with their insight about what part of your own behavior that you can either strengthen or adjust, when you have to say to yourself about someone, or say it directly to someone: ‘off with your head’.

The path you have to take may sicken you to your core, but it’s still the best idea that you can come up with and enforce.

Your attitude can be one of discarding.

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About Camelia Elias
Camelia Elias, PhD, Dr.Phil., is a former university professor. After 20 years in the academia, she left her career to pursue her interests in teaching and writing on the philosophy and practice of reading cards. She works with contemplative arts, oracular language, and martial arts cartomancy and Zen at her own school, Aradia Academy. You can read more about the author here.
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