June 3, 2016

There are good reason for lawyer jokes. Unethical and predatory lawyers are a real thing. It’s okay to dislike certain doctors. Some have horrible bedside manner. There are good reasons to dislike politicians. Some politicians are incredibly crooked. Similarly, it’s good to notice, critique, and challenge the hypocrisy of the church, and clergy more specifically. Many of us deserve suspicion and challenge. However, good hermeneuts of suspicion know that an inference from an abuse to a proper use is not… Read more

May 9, 2016

A guest post by Elle Dowd, #DecolonizeLutheranism Diversity as a concept has become harmful.  It’s one of those things like “niceness” that is attractive to white people, particularly white liberals, because it sounds really good in theory without demanding any kind of sacrifice from white people.  In reality, “diversity” has been used as a tool to deny people of color equal access to power.  Goals of diversity give marginalized and dispossessed people crumbs to quiet them, in order to maintain a… Read more

January 31, 2013

I’d really rather not write about guns. They’re not a particular interest of mine. I’m periodically amused by participation in laser tag outing, and we do have a few Nerf guns around the house. But mostly guns just make me nervous. The real kind, that is. They’re packed with explosives that make a small metal projectile travel faster than the speed of sound and destroy pretty much whatever they impact. Anyone who isn’t slightly nervous around guns is deluded. Respect… Read more

February 29, 2004

“Der du die Zeit in Händen hast” Jochen Klepper–from Kyrie-Geistliche Lieder Part of my lenten discipline is putting some of Klepper’s poetry into singing English. Failing that, perhaps some halting English. Here it is in German. I’ll be posting some drafts for whatever you may make of it this Lent. You can find other texts of his here. Sorry, German readers only. Which is why I am translating. 1: Der du die Zeit in Händen hast, Herr, nimm auch dieses… Read more

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