A Summary of Thoughts Unravelled: February 2016 – February 2019

A Summary of Thoughts Unravelled: February 2016 – February 2019 February 11, 2019

It’s been over three years since I first started blogging about my life experiences relating to Christianity (as well as other random musings), so I figured it was time to categorically list all my articles from February 2016 to February 2019!

Thank you all for continuing to support me through reading my articles, sharing your experiences and constructive feedback with me or even words of encouragement! You’ve made blogging an adventure within itself!


Is It Right To Hate Religion?

My Struggle With Communion
Why ‘Faith Alone’ Isn’t Enough
My Love For Mary Deepens My Love For Jesus
Does The ‘Bible Alone’ Put God In A Box?
My Story of Confession
My Thoughts on Purgatory
My Struggle with Baptism
What Is Idol-Worship?
Are All Sins Equal?
Why I Pray the Rosary
Why So Many Rules?
Which Bible is Right?
Why I Stopped Believing In ‘The Rapture’
My Critique of Calvinism: PART I – Introduction
My Critique of Calvinism: PART II – Total Depravity
My Critique of Calvinism: PART III – Unconditional Election
My Critique of Calvinism: PART IV – Limited Atonement
My Critique of Calvinism: PART V – Irresistible Grace
My Critique of Calvinism: PART VI – Perseverance of the Saints
My Critique of Calvinism: PART VII – In Summary
In Defence of the Trinity
What is Truth?
My Struggle With The Existence Of Hell
Are the Apparitions of Mary Real?
One True Church?
What is Worship?
What Is The Meaning of Penance?
My Thoughts on Progressive Christianity
A Response to John Piper on Catholicism
Is Prayer Equal To Worship?

Christian Life:

Is Contemporary Worship Killing The Church?
I Long For Christian Unity
A De-Caffeinated Reflection on Lent 2016
Led by the Spirit?
The Year I Became a Part-Time Bible School Student
I Don’t Have a ‘Sunday Best’
Church-Hopping Sucks
Memento Mori (Remember Death)
My Struggle with Forgiveness
What is the Meaning of Suffering?
Can Dreams Be Spiritual?
Courage In An Unusual Situation
Catholic Fellowship Sucks
A Reflection on Ash Wednesday
Christian Bookstores Sell Indulgences
Why I Don’t Celebrate The Reformation (And Neither Should You)
Anti-Protestant Discrimination Bothers Me


Stand For Something
My Thoughts on Assisted Dying and Abortion
LGBTQ Rights v Religious Freedom
I’m Done With American Politics
Love Yourself First?
Darkness is Rising
Is Feminism Compatible with Christianity?
Should Church and State Be Separate?
My Thoughts About Christian Persecution
There Are No Safe Spaces
My Thoughts on the Sexual Revolution
Are Animals Equal to Humans?
Political Correctness v Blasphemy Laws
‘Sweet Jesus’ and the Marketing of Hate
My Perspective on Abortion
My Response to Clerical Sexual Abuse
My Thoughts on Cultural Appropriation
Is Cannabis Usage Morally Acceptable?
My Thoughts on Immigration Control


My Critique of the Christian Music Industry
**SPOILERS** My Review of ROGUE ONE: A Star Wars Story
What’s So Intriguing About ‘Stranger Things?’
**SPOILERS** My Review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi
10 Christian Metal Bands That Don’t Suck
My Review of SOLO: A Star Wars Story ***SPOILERS***

"You are not indistinguishable from the anti-Catholics by calling them bigoted. As long as you ..."

Anti-Protestant Discrimination Bothers Me
"My protestant wife had me kicked out of RCIA while trying to convert to Catholicism!!! ..."

Anti-Protestant Discrimination Bothers Me
"psalm 137:9 Blessed shall he be who takes your little ones and dashes them against ..."

In Defense of Infant Baptism
"I thought The 2018 Met Gala ‘Heavenly Bodies and the Catholic Imagination' was more of ..."

My Thoughts on Cultural Appropriation

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