Daniel’s End Times Prediction

Daniel’s End Times Prediction September 16, 2017

Scholars are largely agreed that Daniel’s “prophecies” are actually prophecies after the event. These false prophecies were so common in antiquity that they have their own scholarly name: vaticinia ex eventu.

The book of Daniel was written in about 165 BCE (as discussed in Part 1 of this topic), not during the sixth-century-BCE captivity of the hero of the book. Though there may be debate on the issue, this late dating is based on scholarship, not atheists’ attempt at avoiding compelling evidence for a miraculous prophecy.

Dating of Daniel

More than just the “prophecies” failing after 165 BCE point to this date. Daniel wasn’t included in the Hebrew Bible’s canon, which was closed around 200 BCE; it wasn’t referenced in the Wisdom of Sirach (c. 180 BCE), which referenced almost every other book of the Old Testament; and it makes errors in the oldest historical claims (for example, it claims that Darius the Mede conquered Babylon, though this king is unknown to history).

Daniel looks very much like other apocalyptic writings of the period such as Baruch, Esdras, and the books of Enoch. These works are not anonymous but are pseudonymous—that is, falsely attributed to a respected figure of antiquity. A “rediscovered” old book from an ancient authority would carry much weight. Many of these books used Daniel’s trick of listing “predictions” from known history so that whatever had yet to occur would seem credible. Finally, these apocalyptic books all predict that the current painful age would soon end.

Daniel’s 70 weeks prophecy

Daniel 9:24–7 gives the famous prophecy that many think predicts the crucifixion of Jesus. I’ll summarize the claims it makes, sometimes with a paraphrase, but feel free to check this against the actual text.

I. “Seventy weeks [“week” is used here to mean seven years, not seven days] are decreed for your people and your holy city to finish transgression, to put an end to sin, to atone for wickedness, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the Most Holy Place.”

Equating a week with 7 years, like we call 10 years a “decade,” is seen in Greek literature, so this is a reasonable interpretation. The use of 70 comes from Jeremiah’s prophecy that the Judean captives taken to Babylon would return after 70 years.

This passage tells us we’ve got a long and sinful period of time (seventy weeks of years is 70×7 = 490 years), but things will be great at the end.

II. “From the time the word goes out to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One, the ruler, comes, there will be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks.”

When does the clock start? From the command to rebuild Jerusalem. When does it end? When the Anointed One comes. This isn’t a messianic reference, however, because “anointed one” can be applied to many people, including the high priest.

Pulling out the 7 weeks is confusing. Is it concurrent with the 62 weeks? If so, why even mention it (except to find a way to get to 70)? Or does the 62 weeks follow the 7-week period? If so, why not just add them together (except as an excuse to use the number 7, the number of completion)? No commentator has a great answer.

III. After 62 weeks, the Anointed One will be put to death.

IV. “The ruler who will come” will destroy (or corrupt) the city and the sanctuary.

V. War will be continuous, and then the end will be swift.

VI. This ruler will make a covenant with many for one final week.

VII. In the middle of this 7-year period, the ruler will prevent Temple offerings. “And at the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him.”

 Christian interpretation #1

Start the clock with the Decree of Artaxerxes to rebuild the temple, given to Ezra in 458 BCE (Ezra 7:11–26). From this date, count ahead 7 weeks and then 62 weeks (69×7 = 483 years). Remembering that there was no year 0, the math is: –458 + 483 + 1 = 26 CE. This is the beginning of the final week, starting when Jesus was baptized.

Halfway through this final week, Jesus (the Anointed One) is put to death, which finishes the “transgression” and brings in “everlasting righteousness.”

The final week ends in 33 CE, with the conversion of Paul and Cornelius and inaugurating the mission to the Gentiles.

Problem 1: There are loads of problems. First, the weeks are off. Even if you infer that the Anointed One will be killed after the 62 weeks which begins after the 7 weeks (which isn’t really what it says), that makes his death in 26 CE, too early. And the first point makes clear that the atonement happens at the end of the 70 weeks, not halfway through the final week. The Anointed One’s death can’t be the atonement, since they’re separated by that final week.

Problem 2: It doesn’t identify the destroying “ruler who will come” or the “abomination that causes desolation.”

Problem 3: It makes no sense of the 7 week/62 week distinction. Why not just say 69 weeks?

Problem 4: The decree from Ezra 7 is just one of at least four plausible starting dates given in various places in the Old Testament. Why pick this one? (These four dates are given in an appendix to this post.)

Problem 5: It ignores the overwhelming evidence that the final week was roughly 171–164 BCE (see previous post).

Problem 6: If Daniel was written in the sixth-century BCE, why didn’t anyone during all that time understand and anticipate this prophecy? And the gospels don’t record anyone saying, “Hey, guys? Has anyone made the connection between Daniel’s prophecy and Jesus? It’s spooky—it’s pretty much talking about . . . wow—it’s talking about now.”

Problem 7: Remember the last time we saw the phrase “abomination that causes desolation”? It was the sacrifice of pigs to Zeus in the Jewish Temple, as ordered by Antiochus Epiphanes. Bringing Antiochus in would address more than this—“the ruler who will come” to destroy, continuous war (the beginning of the Maccabean Revolt), the covenant (Antiochus made agreements with Hellenistic Jewish leaders, splitting them away from the traditionalists), and so on. The only problem is that this destroys this Jesus-centric prophecy.

To be continued with a different Christian interpretation of this prophecy that claims consequences in our own day.

Faith isn’t a virtue; 
it is the glorification of voluntary ignorance. 
— Anonymous

(This is an update of a post that originally appeared 3/21/14.)

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  • Ignorant Amos

    Pious fraud…as old as religion itself.

  • igotbanned999

    It makes no sense of the 7 week/62 week distinction. Why not just say 69 weeks?

    Obviously these prophets knew that in the future, the number 69 would have dirty connotations.

    • number 69 would have dirty connotations

      I don’t get it!

      • Greg G.

        You want Beef and Broccoli, now?

      • Baby_Raptor

        Nigga please.

      • Kuno

        Maybe you have to ask more nicely?

  • Yeah, Dispensationalists love Daniel, and their televangelists use it to prove that The End Is Nigh! (TM)

  • eric

    It makes no sense of the 7 week/62 week distinction. Why not just say 69 weeks?

    It makes perfect sense if Daniel was written to sound old. Just like the King James’ choice of language is an intentional put-on to give it more historical weight to the reader, I can totally see the author of Daniel deciding to write ‘7 and 62′ instead of ’69’ just because he wanted the book to sound like it was written in a different time period.

    • Ignorant Amos

      Just like the King James’ choice of language is an intentional put-on to give it more historical weight to the reader,…

      Nah…that’s just how they spoke back then…check out some Shakespeare or Marlowe….try reading the Wycliffe Buybull from a couple of centuries before the KJV for some period writing. The difference two centuries makes is obvious.

      Here’s the first ten verses of Genesis from Wycliffe for your entertainment….

      1 In the bigynnyng God made of nouyt heuene and erthe.
      2 Forsothe the erthe was idel and voide, and derknessis weren on the face of depthe; and the Spiryt of the Lord was borun on the watris.
      3 And God seide, Liyt be maad, and liyt was maad.
      4 And God seiy the liyt, that it was good, and he departide the liyt fro derknessis; and he clepide the liyt,
      5 dai, and the derknessis, nyyt. And the euentid and morwetid was maad, o daie.
      6 And God seide, The firmament be maad in the myddis of watris, and departe watris fro watris.
      7 And God made the firmament, and departide the watris that weren vndur the firmament fro these watris that weren on the firmament; and it was don so.
      8 And God clepide the firmament, heuene. And the euentid and morwetid was maad, the secounde dai.
      9 Forsothe God seide, The watris, that ben vndur heuene, be gaderid in to o place, and a drie place appere; and it was doon so.
      10 And God clepide the drie place, erthe; and he clepide the gadryngis togidere of watris, the sees. And God seiy that it was good;


      Now that cad Joseph Smith did have his Book of Mormon wrote in ye olde script for the reason of giving it extra gravitas…I guess the glyph’s he translated from were in a form of KJV English…or he was just another pious fraudster in a long line of pious fraudsters.

      • Michael Neville

        The King James Version is a masterpiece of English literature, which is truly amazing since it was written by committee.

        • Ignorant Amos

          A very large committee…50 holy Joe’s iirc.

        • Steven Watson

          It is largely based on William Tyndale’s work with some tweaks.

      • epicurus

        Wycliffe sounds so out there I almost feel like I’m reading Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky. Imagine a whole bible of “Twas brillig and the slithy toves …”

      • Lerk!

        If I understand it correctly, the claim is that the King James translators reverted to using familiar pronouns (thee, thou) and even the plural of the formal (ye) even though they had been lost by the time of Elizabethan English.

        I’m not so sure. In Hamlet, Shakespeare writes “get thee to a nunnery!” And who can forget “wherefore art thou, Romeo?”

        But I’m no expert. Perhaps Shakespeare was deliberately “not with the times” as well. I can see why the King James committee would have decided to use the familiar terms. What’s so funny is that today, English speaking people think that those are the formal terms!

      • Dannorth

        But the cad also used the first person, while the Bible narrative parts are written in the third person, which kind of wasted the effect.

        • Ignorant Amos

          Details, mere details, the gullible have long since demonstrated they care little for getting the details to make sense.

      • TheNuszAbides

        another pious fraudster in a long line of pious fraudsters

        i think of the more blatant hucksters (lol, family legacy of grave-robbing) as worldly frauds – i mean, if we can accept that some folk are consciously/genuinely pious, but that the charismatic glory-hounds merely manipulate that sentiment to gather the choice rosebuds.

    • But wait! Don’t answer yet because I’ve got a couple more interpretations of those numbers coming up.

    • Kenneth Barron

      Daniel is not that difficult to understand, there are some great YouTube guys that could explain it easily, which would help you to see just how it refers to us, this very generation

      • Doubting Thomas

        What did the average person living in the two millennia before YouTube was invented use to understand it?

        • Giauz Ragnarock

          Also, was God already dead by then? Was he stranded without a starship? What does God need with a book?

      • Lerk!

        Daniel is not that difficult to understand, yet people like you want to make it difficult. It’s one of the earliest books of apocalyptic literature, and it was written to encourage the Jews to overthrow their captors. The period of the Maccabees followed, and they had some success but ultimately failed.

        You’re taking (or, you’re reading stuff that takes) simple literature and makes it much more mysterious than it is. You see signs in everything. Most Christians do not agree with you at all. Bible scholars don’t agree with you at all. Bible scholars who are Christians don’t agree with you at all.

        This was an interesting post. I hate that the discussion has gone off the rails like this. But, then, I suppose some people are having fun with it at your expense. You really do need to seek some counseling in order to get your head back into the real world. I know some people have a problem with believing that everything is a conspiracy, but you’re so adamant that I’m afraid it may be affecting your day-to-day life. Not that I know how your life really is, but from your post here you seem to be so deeply into it that it’s likely that people avoid talking to you. And if you’re spouting this stuff at work, you may have more problems than just people avoiding you.

        You’re going to have to do this yourself. You’re going to have to realize that you can’t continue to live your life this way, and then get some help.

    • Dannorth

      69 is a kinky number so it wouldn’t be fitting to put it in the Bible now, would it?

      • Giauz Ragnarock

        As we all know, talking about peoples’ cocks and spunk in the Bible isn’t kinky, either 🙂

        • TheNuszAbides

          *gasp* please, use the Divinely Prescribed Vocab! [PNIV]

        • Ignorant Amos

          My partner near took a buckle in her eye when she read those passages.

          Especially…Ezekiel 23:19-20….talking about a whore yearning for her heydays of taking donkey sized cock’s shooting stallion sized loads of jism.

          You won’t hear too many Sunday School lessons being focused on that passage…and you won’t hear those book banning holy rolling fuckwits mentioning it when there is some heretic writer’s work being picketed because of miscreant wording content either. Double standards and hypocrisy at its finest.

  • Kenneth Barron

    Well, the bible says there will be scoffers in the last days, which is prophecy, what about that? One scoffing article, and six scoffing comments, all 7 a scoffing, or 7 for 7 at this moment.

    The sad thing is, Daniel’s book has been spot on in his book, and its backed up by Isiah, Matthew, Luke, Revelations, and a whole slew of others, yet the blind of our time ( also prophecy) don’t see it, The bible is so very very clear what was to happen in our time, and so far, its 1000% accurate, heres just a few of the things off the top of my head, written about, I say a few because I don’t have a few days to give the full list. All these, are prophesied in the same book you just scoffed about.

    1. earthquakes
    2. famines
    3. CERN
    4. HAARP
    5. wars, and rumours of war
    6. pestilences
    7. gays
    8. Catholic church
    9. Muslims
    10. Persecution of Christians
    11. ‘wormwood” (Nibiru)
    12. synagogue of satan, ( very important to americans)
    13. Sun flares
    14. Hurricanes
    15. Blood moons
    16. Revelation chapter 12
    17. Division of people
    18. Confusion
    19. Religious hyprocrisy
    20. Humans fouling the earth
    21. Increased understanding ( Daniel 12;4)
    22. Eclipse
    23. Hotter feeling sun

    I can go on and on, but lets see how people will be in just one chapter in 2nd Timothy 3,

    ” But mark this, there will be terrible times in the last days, people will be lovers of themselves ( selfies), lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self control, brutal, not lovers of good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of God, but denying its power, have nothing to do with such people.

    That’s like 18 prophecies in just one paragraph, lets see, I very casually mentioned just a few, 23 above, 18 below, that’s 41.

    can you add up what the odds are to have 41 in a row? Its gotta be in the multi millions to one, and you laugh? By the way another prophecy.

    Look, as I say, I was very very casual, if you add up all the prophecies in the bible, that 1000 percent accurately have been fulfilled, its the biggest odds against in the history of mankind, yet its perfectly perfect in being fulfilled, so where is your common sense?Our God doesn’t exist?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

    I am going to predict something here, What you think you knew of the world, is all about to change. Ugly is about to get real, as the bible says ,never, ever, ever, has there been a worst time ever, in history, and it hasn’t IMO really started to get bad, and I know 2nd Timothy 3 above, sounds familiar to you, wait till the evil gets going good. The real scary part is the perfect bible says, those are just birth pains, getting worse as she nears birth, when she does, all at once that’s when you unbelieving devils better hit your knees and beg our God for forgiveness, if your still alive and not in hell.

    Revelations 12, is the 22-23 of this month, maybe. That’s just a few days from the big time sign in the heavens, if some are right. But don’t be so stupid if we didn’t get this one right, the odds of being an unbeliever after the billions to one against in fulfilled prophecy, makes you just plain ignorant, and demon possessed.

    Get your head out of the world, as God commanded, because you don’t want to burn in the lake of fire for eternity , add all this up, God exists, he loves you, and he wants you not to suffer, just accept Jesus as the son of God, repent of your sins, before curtain call which literally, can be any second, literally, one thing is absolutely certain is, we are ” IN THE END TIMES ”

    Any questions, email me @ lovemylifenow49@gmail.com, I’m here for you.


    • se habla espol

      You’ve made at least 41 (by your count) claims, each of the form “X was prophesied in the Wholly Babble”. It’s your burden to
      a) point out the biblical references for each;
      b) demonstrate that that reference refers to the claimed event or phenomenon;
      c) demonstrate that the phenomenon exists; and
      d) demonstrate that the phenomenon that you claim is somehow unique.

      For example, your wormwood=Nibiru claim requires substantiation of the equality, and substantiation of the idea that the mythical ‘Nibiru’ exists.

      For another example, you need to show how your #15 differs from your #22, and how they differ from the recurrent phenomena known for centuries.

      • Kenneth Barron

        (a) I will, its a ton of work but I will, how bout helping, Google some, record highs all around
        (b) I will do my best with some time, its a ton of work, how bout until then, Google some,
        (c) You googling some would surely help, it all points to something going on, but I will help in a bit
        (d) too many coincidences means its not a coincidence, Google and add, till I can lay a foundation

        Something has happened before, why couldn’t it happen again?

        The miracle is not so much that it happened on #15, its when it happened in the Jewish calendar, that’s the miracle, its in the timing sir, the Jewish calendar is God’s calendar, its when it happened, that’s the miracle, Steve giocallanti or something like that on YouTube will help explain that, I’m busy with responding to the guys above, please come back later, I will do my best to help you see, its NOT coincidences,

        Thanks , ttyl

        • se habla espol

          In other words, all you’ve got is excuses, shifting your burden of proof, trying to take credit for purely natural phenomena, and moving the goalposts. Oh, yeah: and making more unsubstantiated claims to add to your Gish Gallop. Got it.

        • adam

          “(a) I will, its a ton of work but I will, how bout helping, Google some, record highs all around”

          Shouldnt you have done this BEFORE making all these unbelievable claims?


        • Greg G.

          Then there is Shrek with a talking donkey. I don’t believe the part about the talking donkey having a dragon for a girlfriend, though.

    • MNb

      “Well, the bible says there will be scoffers in the last days, which is prophecy, what about that?”
      There have been scoffers for almost 2000 years now, so those last days of yours last a bit long – long enough to make that prophecy void. So shrug.

      • Kenneth Barron

        Your so right, but never have any had such undeniable evidence as now

        • Otto

          …said every person whose prophecy failed ever.

        • al kimeea

          The history of the JWs is a string of failed prophesies. In 2010 they cancelled their annual shindig because end-times and then had to scramble for accommodations when doomsday passed.

        • Otto

          They will never learn, and they always find new marks.

        • Chuck Johnson

          Your so right, but never have any had such undeniable evidence as now-Kenneth

          I deny that superstitious evidence.
          Just calling it undeniable doesn’t make it magically true.

        • Remember back in high school when you whined to the history teacher, “Yeah, but when are we gonna need this? I mean in real life?”

          The answer: now. Undeniable evidence that things suck? How about 1942? There was some major sucking happening. Or 1918–World War I plus a massive pandemic. And there were lots of other times and places where the locals might’ve thought the end was at hand, and they had good reason to think so.

          Think about that when you crawl into your warm bed tonight with a full stomach.

        • Pofarmer

          What a Maroon.

        • Kevin K

          The Black Death killed one-third of all Europeans. That was a pretty tough time.

        • Yeah, but … yeah but hurricane Irma killed about 200! So don’t tell me that Satan wasn’t behind it!

        • Kodie

          The aftermath of a disaster is no picnic for survivors.

        • MNb

          People like you have been saying that for 2000 years as well.

    • You got me convinced. Looks like the sky really is falling.

    • It was thoughtful of you not to forget the gays. They’re behind every calamity, aren’t they?

      I misplaced my keys last week. You guessed it–it was the gays.

      • Kenneth Barron

        Well as a matter of fact, yes Bob, The degradation of the natural way of things is why God is about to take care of business, yes Bob, the US is under judgement for sure, Thanks for commenting

        • God’s going to open a can of whoop-ass on the world? I’m skeptical. It’s not like we have any good evidence of even his existence to date.

        • Otto

          didn’t you see the photos he posted of the smudges Bob….? Sheesh….those were supernatural smudges for Christ sake!

        • Ignorant Amos

          Thank fuck am not in the US with moonbeams like you cluttering the place up.

          I see an Idiocracy on the horizon with eejits like you diluting the gene pool over there.


        • Pofarmer

          It’s interesting. YOu’ve got Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh never graduated college. Hannity has an interesting bio. ” He grew up in Franklin Square, New York,[5] and attended Sacred Heart Seminary in Hempstead, New York, during his middle school years and St. Pius X Preparatory Seminary high school in Uniondale, New York.[6] Hannity dropped out of New York University and Adelphi University.[7][8] Hannity attended New England Institute of Technology at Warwick, Rhode Island.[9]” I certainly never knew he attended seminary.
          Ann Coulter at least, has a legitimate degree and some accomplishments.

        • Bob Jase

          Sleeping with Bill Maher is NOT an accomplishment.

        • Pofarmer

          You talking ’bout Hannity?

        • Bob Jase

          Nope, Coulter.

          Hannity was too excited afterwards to sleep.

        • Pofarmer


        • Pofarmer

          I was actually a little bit of a fan of Coulter until I read her bit about irreducible complexity and the eye. It was as I was deconverting, anyway, and I laid that book down and don’t think I ever read anything of hers again.

        • adam
        • Greg G.

          Or “In the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet, for the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed.”

        • Giauz Ragnarock

          Most mammal life on the planet went against the natural way of having small populations of exclusively homosexual and bisexual individuals? When did that happen?

        • Kodie

          I can’t wait.

      • Clint W. (Thought2Much)
    • I am going to predict something here, What you think you knew of the world, is all about to change.

      Give me something precise. A particular event and the exact day. Otherwise, you’re just saying what others have said for 2000 years (as MNb noted).

      Ugly is about to get real, as the bible says ,never, ever, ever, has there been a worst time ever, in history, and it hasn’t IMO really started to get bad

      No, it’s not particularly bad at all, by historic standards. The Cold War was pretty bad. WW2 was pretty bad. The Plague was pretty bad. Things right now aren’t so bad, even with Kim Jong Un and the Trumpster in power.

      The real scary part is the perfect bible says

      Perfect? I’ve seen no evidence.

      Revelations 12, is the 22-23 of this month, maybe.

      “Maybe”? Is this book useful for predicting the future or not? If not, I’ll just go back to my old standby, goat entrails. I’m not changing unless you give me some evidence that your approach is any better.

      But don’t be so stupid if we didn’t get this one right

      Don’t hold your breath. You didn’t get this one right.

      the odds of being an unbeliever after the billions to one against in fulfilled prophecy

      Give me one. One prophecy that you’d accept from someone else as proof of their holy book’s accuracy.

    • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

      Nonsense based on your postulating a ‘god’ without providing any evidence for it.

      Get back to me when you can predict, date/hour/minute, what WILL happen, rather than just being a wall of text retconning.

      • Kenneth Barron

        I doubt I will be able to get back to you being the guys above gave me a lot of homework, those solar flares mixed with EMP, Or the asteroids will sure knock us off the power grid. But Revelations 12 is absolutely a lock, there’s your sign, who knows, maybe between the 20th -the 24th will give you something to back up God’s word. Please by all means, if its all business as usual afterwards, come rub it in, but what about all the things I mentioned, is all that just business as usual???

        • Pofarmer

          but what about all the things I mentioned, is all that just business as usual???

          Pretty much if you’re minimally historically literate, yeah.

        • adam
        • Kevin K


        • Greg G.

          It is the 27th of September. We are waiting to rub that egg in your face. No Revelation events in my neighborhood. Was the End of the World supposed to be a local thing somewhere?

        • Pofarmer

          You missed it?

        • Greg G.

          I’m disappointed. I have always heard that would be a once in a lifetime experience.

        • The end of the world is just one of those things that happen from time to time.

        • And now 9/28. Nothing.

    • Bob Jase

      Seriously? Your items 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 22 were all happening before these ‘predictions’ were made.

      Your items 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 16 and 23 are interpreted into Daniel, not expressly mentioned.

      11 & 12 are imaginary – they do not exist.

      21 is true – today millions of people understand than religion is all myth.

      Come back if you ever get in touch with reality.

      • Kenneth Barron

        Just quickly there Bob, Those mentioned have never been in the intensity that they are now, do some fact checking on those , Just about every one are at record highs, is that just coincidence???

        My bad, I meant in the bible backing up the words of Daniel, not just his book

        Have you looked at the evidence of wormwood, or as the world calls Nibiru? Records scientifically , and the elite digging underground,don’t you think something is up???

        Daniel says knowledge shall increase in the last generation, as a big sign of the end times, Your cellphone has more technology than all the computers it took during the moon landings, by a megaton, who cares if we really went or not, the generation from this generation is the knowledge explosion, everyone agrees, but you???

        Anyway, I replied above and will give you some fact checks here later, hope your up to debate your ignorance to the world around you, give me a bit will ya, I didn’t know you couldn’t agree to anything,

        • Michael Neville

          Have you looked at the evidence of wormwood, or as the world calls Nibiru?

          Yes I have. Wormwood oil was used to kill intestinal worms. But you were referring to the Star Wormwood, mentioned in Revelations. There’s a theory that the Rosetta space probe which landed on Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko was investigating Wormwood. There’s another theory that Comet 67P was the most approachable comet for the Rosetta mission. I think I’ll go with the second theory.

          Nibiru was predicted to strike Earth in 2003. When that didn’t happen the date was pushed back to 2012. After that didn’t happen that collision was postponed to 2016. The next date had the collision occurring simultaneously with the August 21, 2017 eclipse. The next guess was “some time in October 2017”. Zecharia Sitchin, the guy who came up with the name Nibiru, predicted the collision (or possible near miss) would happen sometime around the year 2900. Others have declared that Nibiru will approach Earth when the present astrological Age of Pisces becomes the Age of Aquarius in 2150, except that some astrologers say the Age of Aquarius began on December 21, 2012 and others say it’ll start in 2654.

          It appears the Fifth Dimension were wrong in the song:


        • Greg G.

          I was young then but I always thought The Fifth Dimension was mispronouncing “aquariums”.

    • Kenneth Barron

      Wow, you guys threw me for a loop by not having much a clue as to what’s going on around you, its like you have a snake in your hand and shaking a stick at it. I figured some of you could agree with some of my points, but the consensus it seems are most of you are pretty numb to your surroundings. I guess this will take some time to go point by point as one guy among you scoffed at every one but CERN and HAARP, whats odd about that is, those two are the two that’s most evident as to our world is soon to flip upside down, LOL, I guess he thinks the elite stealing trillions of dollars from us and digging tunnels underground is just being cautious, as they build concentration fema camps surrounded by barbwire, and filled with plastic caskets made for more than a few bodies, and shift military convoys coast to coast as if they are just playing around with nothing better to do.

      Listen , I’m not here to play games, I’m up for the task to call out the blind and dumb, and I do it out of love, but guys give me a break, do some dang research here and help me out, everything on that list and a few more I just gave, are incredibly important to know, rather than disagreeing with all, like idiots, why not check into the increased volcanic activity, solar flares topping the charts, how bout look up in the sky and ask why are they spraying chemicals on us via chem trails for over a decade, and how did they direct these hurricanes with those HAARP antennas, why are their two more coming?,

      Come on , I don’t mind taking a certain couple of topics and explaining, but I don’t want to waste my time those that are just here to show their ignorance, why? Because God says he will eventually turn the wicked over to their own devices, and they will never be able to come to the truth. I’m typing for those who don’t know what is right around the corner, martial law, rioting, and whats worse, God’s judgement.

      I’m not to say that I’m anything special, but I do have God’s grace , and he’s allowed me to witness angels and demons by the millions. I’ve been able to take some incredible photos and videos of some , and I’ve never once had someone disprove my God given ability, I am one of the chosen to witness the coming judgements, so you scoffers come on down and explain God giving me the ability to photograph this.

      1.An angelic spacecraft that revealed this

      2. An angelic presence outside my second story hotel window

      3. An angelic presence in the sky

      4. Spirits in the mist, on turned off tablet

      5. I have thousands of evidences of God on my Google plus, Kenneth Barron

      I thought I would give you guys a little background on who I am, so as to lend just a little credibility, you see, I have seen what goes on in the spirit realm, and know how crafty demons are keeping you scoffers blind, the fact that your not aware of all the incredibly awful things happening right under your nose, leads me to believe you have a first class ticket to the fiery pits of hell. I’m here not to boast, but because I care for you, the great revelations 12 sign is here, at least those who love and follow God believes its the alignment, we will see, but that does not change that list of end times signs a bit, if its not this one on the 23rd of this month, but 20th – 23rd, are big biblical days, I wouldn’t bet my eternal soul on it scoffers, eternity in hell is hell.

      Here’s the deal, why not be safe and just ask Jesus in your heart and forgive you your sins, and get eternal life in heaven?

      Your going to have to confess it anyway very very very soon anyways, so get off your blindness, and get right before the curtain calls.

      I love a challenge, and you guys are making me work hard, but yes I will clarify each and every number in the above post with references, and a few more I just added in this response, and I promise, I won’t be upset when you run and hide from being wrong, and not wanting to put your scoffing ignorance on the line, I just hope you get enough from this to change your mind, God exists, and its curtain call, maybe this week. Maybe this coming weekend, 25 years of study and never have I been to say such a thing, never, but maybe this weekend when the great sign in the heavens is revealed of Revelations 12.

      I will be back in a bit once to give evidence to everything I have said,

      Till then,


      • Michael Neville

        CERN and HAARP, whats odd about that is, those two are the two that’s most evident as to our world is soon to flip upside down

        HAARP was run by BAE Systems, a British company, and everyone knows the Queen of England is the leader of the lizard people. As for CERN, we all know don’t fark with the quark!

        • I thought that the goal of the LHC was to create a black whole that would swallow the earth. That’s still the goal, right?

        • Kevin K

          No, LHC is opening a portal to hell to allow demons to escape. At least that’s what me and the boys down in the tunnel are working on. We just need about 4 more Christian babies for the sacrifices, and then everything will be set.

        • Greg G.

          Only four? You don’t want to open a portal to hell on an empty stomach. Believe me.

        • Michael Neville

          That sounds like the voice of experience talking.

        • It’s called “hell spelunking.” Greg G has written papers about it–he’s well known in the field.

        • TheNuszAbides

          a black whole

          wait, so Commie Kenyan-National Muslim Obama the Anti-Anointed was only half of the equation?

      • Kevin K

        Seek counseling.

      • adam

        ” I have seen what goes on in the spirit realm, and know how crafty demons are keeping you scoffers blind,”

        LSD, DMT or what?

      • al kimeea

        Here we all are. Again. You really should sit down and ruminate on what you’re claiming, how fantastically unreal it sounds and realize you’re not the first to fall down this rabbit-hole.

      • Phil

        “God says he will eventually turn the wicked over to their own devices, and they will never be able to come to the truth” Quite agree, google anything on your device and it is often impossible to sift the truth from the endless garbage.

    • Otto

      Are you gonna come on here and admit you were wrong when this doesn’t happen?

      I bet not…

      • Kenneth Barron

        If both you or I am still here, I will, I have nothing better to do than help those who are not paying attention to the signs of the time.

        What I gathered by your response to all I have typed, is you are lost. I mentioned a ton of things, and all you had to say was what you did, and nothing to what you probably would call mere coincidences, the odds against are millions or trillions to one, all these records and happenings clearly mentioned in the bible, and a lot in the very book of Daniel.

        This guy has it all wrong in this article, and I’m busy responding to the things I mentioned with evidence, otherwise I would pick apart his ignorance to this article, but Daniel’s statue was of the great kingdoms of those who ruled the world, 4 have happened, and the iron and clay is the last, our very generation. The book of Daniel was referring to us, just like the rioting of the two sides happening as we speak, the iron and clay not mixing.

        Yes I will honor being right back here, if possible, give me till the 25th, hit me up, until then I’m working to put into evidence all the things I’ve said,

        In the meantime, are you right by God in case I’m right? Its just egg on my face if I’m wrong,

        • Otto

          Do you have any idea how many end of the world prophecies have failed just in my lifetime (last 50 years)?

          I don’t think it is right for you to call me lost until you show you are not full of shit.

          And almost all the things you mentioned have been happening for thousands of years….I don’t find any of it the least bit impressive

          >>>”In the meantime, are you right by God in case I’m right? Its just egg on my face if I’m wrong,”

          Pascal’s Wager is a terrible argument

        • Chuck Johnson

          Pascal’s Wager is the heaven-or-hell inducement in those emails from a Nigerian prince.
          Neither fear nor greed makes a good foundation for a person’s morality.

        • Greg G.

          In the meantime, are you right by God in case I’m right? Its just egg on my face if I’m wrong,

          1 Corinthians 15:19 says if you are wrong, then you are to be most pitied.

        • Kevin K

          False prophets are to be stoned, aren’t they?

        • Greg G.

          I have a bag of pea gravel out back. Will that work?

        • al kimeea

          with slingshots

        • Ignorant Amos

          There’s that English is English nonsense raising it’s napper again…catapults?

        • C’mon–didn’t you guys invent English? How come we have to keep fixing it after you mess it up? Lorries, jumpers, petrol … and now catapults?


        • Ignorant Amos

          Nope….cause when I was growing up in the 60’s & 70’s, that thing in your pic was known as a caddy…which was colloquial slang for catapult. We would roam the streets and have caddy fights between gangs.

          A slingshot was a different animal altogether…


        • TheNuszAbides

          yeah, i think we ended up calling everything on the scale of trebuchet “catapults” instead. since there wasn’t much of anything to besiege across the pond …

        • Ignorant Amos

          But a sling shot is what the future King David hit Goliath on the shin with, was it not?


        • TheNuszAbides

          i thought that was just a sling. i’ve not known a shot from a sling to be called [a] slingshot, but it’s perfectly poetical at least.

        • Ignorant Amos

          Aye…seems like the lingo is getting bastardised right, left, and centre, pal….


        • TheNuszAbides

          “living language” … what a mutant-ridden midden of incest! no wonder we’re up to our eyeballs in shapeshifting reptilian overlords.

        • Did you ever wonder why David picked 5 stones from the stream? If magic was guiding his sling, wouldn’t 1 have been enough?

          And what’s the big deal with David’s victory? Goliath had short- and medium-range weapons. David was more nimble and could stay out of range, and he had the long-range weapon.

        • Bob Jase


        • Greg G.

          It’s better to just paste the URL in Disqus. Disqus doesn’t allow iframe.

        • Michael Neville
        • Michael Neville

          Did you ever wonder why David picked 5 stones from the stream?

          You can never have enough ammunition.

          Don’t try to save money by conserving ammunition. #46 of The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries

          And remember, boys and girls, Maxim #1: Pillage, then burn!

        • Greg G.

          The other four were to make the Philistines think twice about attacking him when he ran out of rocks.

        • Ignorant Amos

          Exactly why an empty slingshot is the better option, no need for ammo replen, that’s the way ta go.

          Or a purple light sabre.

        • Greg G.

          He wouldn’t need a slingshot either. He could be like that martial arts master going against the MMA fighter but knocking his opponent down instead of getting beat up.

        • Ignorant Amos

          Why the need for any stones at all if magic is invoked?

          Using an empty sling seems a far more impressive avenue than a single shot to the forehead.

          Maybe Yahweh’s magic didn’t extend that far…that’s the problem with god myth’s, even a half-wit such as I can think of a far more efficient method. Then a far more efficient method than that again, then that again, and on, and on.

          Personally…a purple light sabre would’ve been just the ticket for full effect. But what the hell do I know?

        • epeeist

          Maybe Yahweh’s magic didn’t extend that far.

          Maybe Goliath was wearing an iron helmet, everyone knows the problem that Yahweh has with iron.

        • Greg G.

          You are thinking of David Skywalker.

        • Its just egg on my face if I’m wrong,

          At most. Don’t be sad–you’ll pick yourself up and sniff around for another comical theory with no evidence and get yourself worked up into a lather all over again. You’ll be bothering people with pointless theories of God’s Loving Wrath in no time.

        • Otto

          I will make a prophecy…Ken will either

          Not come back after the 25th or 26th to deal with the egg on his face, or…

          He will show up and claim he was actually right in some convoluted but unproven way.

          You can send my money to…

        • JustAnotherAtheist2

          God’s Loving Wrath. Love it.

        • Pofarmer

          Ur an idiot.

        • Kevin K

          But what if you’re wrong and Catholicism is the one-true religion? Oopsie. You’re going to hell!! Better become a Satanist, then. At least you’ll be on the boss’s right side when you arrive.

        • Otto

          Hey Ken,

          It’s the 25th….are you willing to admit you were wrong….?

        • Kevin K

          Haven’t you heard? The Apocalypse (aka, Nibiru hitting Earth) has been postponed until October 21. Something about Nibiru having a dentist appointment, I think.

        • TheNuszAbides

          hey, hey, hey! crypto-celestial bridgework is no joke!

        • Otto

          Ken…we are still waiting to fulfill your promise to come back here and explain yourself…Ken…Ken?

        • Greg G.

          Croydon remains unconnected to the internet.

        • Otto


        • Ignorant Amos

          The place holy rollers retreat to when they need to escape due to getting a new one tore.

          It stems back to the old Richard Dawkins site when a holy roller made the excuse that he had an important meeting in Croydon, hence the reason they were leaving and not because they had been pwnd.

          There are a few here from those days, so it has stuck. When, or if they return from Croydon, they usually have pressed the reset button and the circus starts again from the beginning.

        • Phil

          I am not lost, I have GPS, something else not predicted.

    • Kenneth Barron

      Due to the request that I be more specific about my blabbering, here’s some evidence I’ve gathered from some reputable sources, but look, you can find evidences all over the internet if you look. Just not from unbelieving demons like the author of this article. This guy didn’t put any effort into researching anything, obviously he is on the demon possessed lying left of society, because he just lied through his teeth here, and didn’t do any research at all on the book of Daniel. If some didn’t question everything I have said, asking for proof, I could give you the real truth of the book of Daniel, and how it applies and was written just for our very generation. Some of the things I will write below will confirm that the book of Daniel is pure undeniable truth, the odds it all is coincidence is absolutely impossible.

      1. Jesus himself said in the last days that earthquakes will be like birth pangs in the last days, getting worst and worse and the end of days draws near. For instance, In the state of Texas from where I write, and from 1980 to 2010, there has been an average of 2 earthquakes per year. Between 2010 – 2015, 15 earthquakes per year, In 2016 alone, 28 recorded earthquakes. Luke 21;11 , Mark 13;2 , Matthew 24;7, 27;54, recording Jesus words about the end times, Our time. Its not miraculous that we have earthquakes frequently, it is miraculous however due to the timing, as prophetically prophesied . Only one man can make an earthquake happen, and one happened when he rose as the stone was removed from his tomb, as recorded biblically.

      Birth pangs, well Texas has had them , getting intensive as they go, so have most of the world, all leading to the big one coming soon, as prophesied, in Revelations 16;18, ‘ And there were flashes of lightening and sounds of peals of thunder, and there was a great earthquake such as not been since man came to earth, Isiah 24;19-20 says, ” The earth is broken asunder, the earth is split through, the earth reels to and fro like a drunkard, and it totters like a shack, for its transgressions are heavy upon it, and it will fall , never to rise again.

      Has there ever been major catastrophes on earth before? How bout the dinosaurs, the great (Noah’s) flood? Both believing and unbelieving scientists agree it has, so its possible ehh.

      What could cause this if it wasn’t God? Well the Samaritans believe a unknown planet flyby did, they wrote about it. How bout when it was recorded extra daylight on one side of the earth, where the bible was recorded, and in China on the other side, extra dark hours the same time. The earth quit rotating, Just what could cause this if it wasn’t God?

      Well number 11 on my list could. Happens to be in the bible in Revelations and its called wormwood. The world has many names like planet x, planet 9 or 10, some call it Nibiru. When do they talk about it all over the internet? Recently right? Coincidence?

      I just got started here, my list was way way short, but you have to start somewhere, so just this one number one should perc your ears if you are an unbeliever, YouTube has some very good videos from real news people, not the lying unbelieving left , not fake news to deceive you from demons destined for hell. Jesus himself said earthquakes would increase in the end times, And revelations 12 is the great sign, and it very well could be September 23rd, Scotty Clarke has a good video on YouTube to explain, Listen, as I say, its not miraculous we have intensifying periods of earthquakes, but it is miraculous if its predicted to happen during a time. Its in the timing and my short numbered list will make the odds against millions or billions or trillions against all this happening and predicted.

      I’m just getting started here, number two coming less the moderator erases me, I hope he has the balls not to, he may thank me later if he doesn’t

      Number two next,

      • Kenneth Barron

        2. Famines, Rather than starting out with famines occurring at this moment right off. I want to make it clear what HAARP is doing and what it can do with making great famines to happen. We all know their are great famines happening around the world as we speak, but HAARP and their chem trails, and their weaponized weather, is causing plants all over to die, they are spraying for years chemicals in our skies, and their fancy antennas are directing weather patterns such as hurricanes and droughts. In Alaska they have a compound where they are playing God, and as far as they believe that are succeeding. Yes, they can make it rain, and direct where it goes. Yes, there is absolute proof they are succeeding in screwing our planet up, and the liars call it al warming, at least they used to, now its some other lying bs, and it seems half the population bought it hook line and sinker.

        Did they cause a famine? Ask the people in Texas and Florida, and was their empty store shelves? Did they have a hand in it? The evidence is out their, go to the real news people , not the fake news liars, yes good people on YouTube would definitely answer all your questions. No doubt, enough to see its for real and those demons doing it have no plans to stop, their just getting to really let their hand be seen by all, sorta giving our kids the bird, as they poison us and serve their illuminati masters, the elite satanic devil worshippers.

        If this is news to you, I know its sounds like a bunch of bull, but in no way is it a joke, its real, set up, in commission, and the capability of ushering in a new world order as they geoengineer seeds because they destroyed natural seeds, therefore controlling us. Forcing us the mark of the beast. Just as the bible predicted.

        Now its not a miracle that this is happening, the miracle is in the timing, and number one and two has just increased the odds against doesn’t it? A parlay is a sucker bet, but everything on my above list will be the biggest odds against in history. No question whatsoever.

        All this can be researched easily, there’s a mountain of evidence, just do get it from mainstream media, their the ones doing the lying , and there’s a good reason their doing it. Its to kill us, depopulating. But wormwood and God’s judgements are coming for the unbeliever. That’s why I’m typing, I want to see you not pay for your unbelief.

        BTW, their famines everywhere in the world, but HAARP wants you to bow down to the new world order

        • Cynthia

          Aw, how cute. You think that YouTube videos are real sources. As is “the Internet”.

        • Kevin K

          You are an idiot.

        • eric

          HAARP and their chem trails, and their weaponized weather, is causing plants all over to die

          That’s a neat trick, given that HAARP was shut down in 2015. Now the university of Alaska owns it, and you can rent the equipment for a fee…but only one group has taken UA up on it, and they only turned it on for a total of four days.

          So at this point conspiracies about HAARP being used to control the weather are a bit like claiming the Sony Walkman is a secret government instrument of mind control.

        • Kevin K

          It really is quite amazing how long the “legs” of that conspiracy are, isn’t it? Now, HAARP isn’t just a device to detect weather anomalies, it’s some sort of agent of the New World Order™.

        • Giauz Ragnarock

          No, silly! That NWO thingie is clearly SERN.

          El Psi Congroo

    • Doubting Thomas

      Wow. A religious nut and conspiracy theorist. I’ll bet you’re a hit at family gatherings.

      “Gather ’round, kids. It’s time for Uncle Kenny’s chemtrail update and Bible study.”

      But as much as I do enjoy being a snarky ass, this is indicative of a larger problem. And the problem is that despite your attempts to convince us otherwise, I’m guessing you’re actually mentally competent. At least clinically speaking. Because even though your ramblings wouldn’t be out of place coming from the prototypical straight jacketed sanitarium resident, being crazy isn’t a prerequisite to hold such beliefs. It’s instead a demonstration of human nature cranked up to 11. People are naturally illogical and unreasonable. Becoming otherwise takes effort and knowledge. You’re an example of what happens when someone views confirmation bias and motivated reasoning as useful tools to discovering the truth instead of viewing them as cognitive impediments to be overcome.

      And so while I would enjoy posting evidence against your position, studies have shown that doing so would likely make you more entrenched in your nonsense. Instead, let me encourage you to take a course in critical thinking. There are plenty of free ones online from reputable sources. Learning how to think would do more to dissuade you from your position than anything I could say ever would.


      • al kimeea

        Wow, is right.

      • TheNuszAbides

        damn. well put – this maybe should have been my opening flavor when i started accosting M.Lockett. except we would’ve lost him again at “takes effort and knowledge”. he seems convinced all his heavy lifting to ‘climb’ from “materialism” to Christ’s Huckleberry is already paying off bigly and that all anyone needs is “God’s strength”. comes off way more jaded than Ken. still, he might at least pull off a curious interpretive dance in response to

        You’re an example of what happens when someone views confirmation bias and motivated reasoning as useful tools to discovering the truth instead of viewing them as cognitive impediments to be overcome.

        since he’s got a deck full of “NO U” cards for that kind of stuff.

    • Kevin K


      Someone is deep in the derp.

    • Kevin K

      1. earthquakes — happen every day.
      2. famines — has been an unending human problem that is actually and really BETTER today than before.
      3. CERN — HAHAHAHAHAHA. Someone failed science class.
      5. wars, and rumours of war — has been an unending human problem that is actually and really BETTER today than before.
      6. pestilences — has been an unending human problem that is actually and really BETTER today than before.
      7. gays — LOLWUT?
      8. Catholic church — LOLWUT? You mean the people who invented Christianity?
      9. Muslims — LOLWUT? You mean the religion that is a syncretic mash-up of Judaism, Christianity, and Zoastrianism? That’s been around for 1500 years? Why now?
      10. Persecution of Christians — Only in your feeble mind.
      11. ‘wormwood” (Nibiru) — Only in your feeble mind.
      12. synagogue of satan, ( very important to americans) — Only in your feeble mind.
      13. Sun flares — HAHAHAHAHAHA. Someone failed science class.
      14. Hurricanes — Normal weather events made more potent by mankind’s fucking with the Earth’s thermostat.
      15. Blood moons — LOLWUT? A normal occurrence.
      16. Revelation chapter 12 — Who the fuck cares?
      17. Division of people — has been an unending human problem that is actually and really BETTER today than before.
      18. Confusion — only you’re confused.
      19. Religious hyprocrisy — LOL. You mean saying you’re a Christian but not following the clear instructions of Jesus in Matthew 25:35-46?
      20. Humans fouling the earth — has been an unending human problem that is actually and really BETTER today than before.
      21. Increased understanding ( Daniel 12;4) — LOLWUT? 18 directly contradicts 21.
      22. Eclipse — HAHAHAHAHAHA. Someone failed science class. There are, on average, 2 solar eclipses a year. Just because one passed over your head doesn’t make it special.
      23. Hotter feeling sun — HAHAHAHAHAHA. Someone failed science class. Actually, we’re in a cooler phase of the sun’s cycle right now. That “hotter feeling” you’re getting is mankind’s fucking with the Earth’s thermostat.

      • TheNuszAbides

        2. famines — has been an unending human problem that is actually and really BETTER today than before.

        well, in theory and a few pockets of reasonably well-maintained infrastructure, yes, but – and this is in no way trying to swing any table scraps Ken’s way, mind you – combining increasingly insane population growth with accelerated climate change takes a hefty dose of rosy out of that picture.

        Catholic church — LOLWUT? You mean the people who invented Christianity?

        no, no – those are the guys that just happened to win some early rounds of Cull The Rivals! then kept claiming to have invented it until it got too exhausting for the locals to argue. for a while.

        20. Humans fouling the earth — has been an unending human problem that is actually and really BETTER today than before.

        wait, you think sanitation is becoming less of a problem?
        “fucking with the Earth’s thermostat” ain’t the half of it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planetary_boundaries

        • Kevin K

          Well, let’s not fall prey to the Nirvana fallacy. Of course, there are hungry people all over the planet. And starving people concentrated in areas where us westerners can’t see/don’t give a crap because of the “what you see is all there is” heuristic.

          As far as pollution goes, you weren’t around in the days before the EPA, were you? When a major city’s RIVER caught on fire. When I could tell that I was “home” from college because I could smell the pollution, which made me fucking nostalgic.

        • Bob Jase

          Ah, the pre-EPA days – when, if you were traveling from a relatively rural area to a big city you knew you were getting close by the dome of brown/grey air in the distance.

        • Greg G.

          We had to take atmosphere on faith until we went to a major league baseball game.

        • Michael Neville

          Pre-EPA the Cuyahoga River which runs through Cleveland, OH caught on fire several times.

        • TheNuszAbides

          aye, there’s still an ironic sting to the idea that we have Nixon to thank (at least in grudging part) for that. i was pretty much born alongside the EPA.

        • Bob Jase

          Wait… you don’t mean that Nixon was… and you are…???

        • TheNuszAbides

          he was a crook, and so am I (though in a somewhat more trivial way if i do say so myself). other than that i fear we’re generating an urban legend here.

    • Giauz Ragnarock

      “Well, the bible says there will be scoffers in the last days, which is prophecy, what about that?”

      What about that? This isn’t difficult for confidence men to say preemptively to cover their asses:

      “… two weavers who promise an emperor a new suit of clothes that they say is invisible to those who are unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent.”

      Those weavers were obviously truthful and very good at their jobs because they said this before unveiling the beautiful imperial clothing!

      “… 3. SERN”

      OH SHIT! Guys, Kenneth and the Book of Daniel are on the level! “In the year 2036, SERN ruled the world.” – John Titor

    • Greg G.

      Revelations 12, is the 22-23 of this month, maybe. That’s just a few days from the big time sign in the heavens, if some are right. But don’t be so stupid if we didn’t get this one right, the odds of being an unbeliever after the billions to one against in fulfilled prophecy, makes you just plain ignorant, and demon possessed.

      You posted that in September 2017. Today is October 15, 2017. Did I miss it?

    • Phil

      Didn’t predict the Beatles though.

  • RoverSerton

    You should not have to “show your work” to understand a book written by God.

    • Kenneth Barron

      Yeah, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Free will is a snare to some

      • Otto

        There is a sucker born every minute…are you the grifter or are you the mark?

        • Kevin K

          It has been my observation that Barnum was off by at least an exponent with regard to the rate at which suckers are born.

        • TheNuszAbides

          now, both at once, we’d have another serious Binity on our hands.

  • Dane

    It’s so hard to get across how the ancients would’ve read this stuff. It takes some real imagination to put yourself in a mindset 2,000+ years out of date – if I ever find a way to combine the scholarly and the artistic to give the text the same oomph it had in its day, be sure I’ll write it down. Keep up the good work.

    • TheNuszAbides

      somebody’s got to be able to pull it off with more style (let alone entertainment value) than coast2coast & infowarz and their ilk.

  • eric

    Whether Daniel predicted anything correctly is IMO mostly irrelevant for whether I should believe the bible now. I had a bathroom scale that did a great job of assessing my weight…up until the day it stopped working. At that point, I stopped using it.

  • Kenneth Barron

    Hello fellow scoffers, its been interesting reading your comments, bout like seeing the train wreck before it happens (2nd Corinthians 4;4). But hey, I guess I’m just too stupid right? You can’t teach brains right? Please forgive me for being (not )so blessed in the brains department as you guys, I guess I will just run and tuck my tail again, feeling so defeated.

    But before I do, may I ask one simple thing before I go, from you men of superior intelligence? Please?

    Rather than get into all the numbers and dates in this article, which I may be wrong here, but I’m guessing most of you never even bothered to fact check, I wish to ask a pressing question that’s been bothering my lessor intelligence, if I may.

    I’m having trouble understanding what the hell is going on above my head in the sky. Not that I want to bring up numbers again, I really don’t, especially knowing some of you won’t even bother to fact check, but give a poor dim witted sap a break here, and explain to me why a sky, without a single solitary cloud, is being ??????????, sorry for all the ?’s, its just I’m stupid.

    I went outside yesterday, and the sky was cloudless, yet there were at least a dozen planes, big mofo’s, spraying something that looks like this

    Being a self professed dimwit, I’m am just plain too stupid, to add all this up in my head. Pardon me if I’m wrong, but don’t people in your superior higher class circles , use the term “Follow the money”, isn’t that where you smart guys get the real answers?.

    If the average starting cost of a jumbo jet, is lets just say , 200 million, and at one time yesterday I figure, there were a dozen of them, within eyesight, spraying some cargo , in the freaking middle of nowhere, in the sky, out the back of the plane. I cannot for the life of my ignorance, figure out why, a billion dollars ( or billions rather) worth of equipment, is spending their worth, dumping their cargo out of the back of their investment.

    Here’s where you guys can really help me with your common sense, and where those pesky numbers really come into play,

    So if I can walk outside and see the sheer amounts of planes, dumping ( lets just call them poisonous chemicals for lack of better terms, because I’m so stupid) stuff, out of the back of billions of dollars worth aircraft, taking their cargo, which maybe has some cost involved in of itself (as my stupidity thinks cargo usually does), and kicking it out within my eyesight, plus jet fuel, parts, maintenance, insurance, hangers, licenses, hanger costs, and labor etc, etc, Then where does this money trail all lead to? And what is the purpose for dumping poisonous chemicals at great costs, on men women, children, animals, plants, and your mercedes?

    I’m sorry I’m so ignorant as I am, but my pea sized brain correlates this in this way, maybe you can point out my faulty ways, in the following scenario, as this is about the way my stupidity can only view this.

    Let’s say a man, plans a highly valued vacation, which he intends to catch the marlin of his dreams. He works all year, to put plenty of cash away, to go to the Hawaiian islands. He buys airline tickets, fly’s to the island, rents a car, grabs a nice hotel, even tips the valet. The next day he heads out and buys the best rods and reels in the business, hires a boat and guide, and sails to the fishing hole.

    The weather is fair, tide is right, and the fish are waiting.

    He hooks up, a great big marlin, the fish of his dreams, one which he blew tons of money and labor on, even flew halfway around the world to get. That dude can’t wait to get back to the beach with all those Hulu girls, and dig one of those pits to wrap those big leaves around his prize, and barbeque his delight away. But one problem with the story, and the same one as the planes, he dumped his cargo, (his fish) out of the back of the boat.

    Now to most of the scoffers, this makes perfect sense, ( 2nd Corinthians 4;4), Just like they will either totally ignore whats going on above their own heads, and the whole conversation even, like my casual list in the original post, save one brave soul shouting his intelligence the way he did. He ran a counter list without any proof of what he says, making me look like a complete fool. Sound bout right scoffers?

    Yes, something is going on, and it all ties in to my original, and very casual top of my head list. Some are blinded by God, some will being able to rationalize. The same that attacked me, is the same that I pray for, there’s no hatred here at all.

    I’m not feeling in the mood, to delve in the numbers of the weeks in the article, personally I feel its just a smoke screen of hiding more pertinent information that we ALL DEAL WITH. The book of Daniel has more info in it, than Jesus prophecy. And because I’m simply stupid, I think the statue is of more dire importance, If you read and understood the book of Daniel, you could look up and understand why, there’s people trying to kill us. Yes, my stupidity cannot understand why billions of dollars in money, equipment, and poisonous cargo, is being dumped out the back of the boat???

    The statue in the very same book of Daniel, is a prophecy of them trying to kill us today. Its of five worldly kingdoms, four have passed, the last is the one where his feet is mixed with iron and clay. Reach in your pocket, pull out a dollar bill, and read e pluribus unum. Those are the ones Daniel tried to warn you about, the ones spraying your wife and kids right this very minute. More on that in my next reply, for now I want to break it down point by point, because my pea brain is too small, to keep up with such smart people here. So forgive me for being so inferior to you guys, but I need to go at a snails pace here, if I am not to believe in Daniel’s prophecy, or God, then why are the spraying this **** in our skies?

    Please, I repeat the one question I’m so stuck on, why are they spraying us with poisonous chemicals?


    and why, If they are using billions of dollars worth of equipment, in just my eyesight, then why are they using billions of dollars in the next couple a counties too?

    Texas is big, why the next counties too?

    And the next counties, Texas is big enough to even have the next next counties, but wait, what about Oklahoma, Arizona, louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, or the next and the next states, and wait, what about the counties or regions in the next countries, and south the next and next. I heard there’s other continents, and all that too. Yes, its all over the world, and the ones that are not blinded can simply look that f up, and see , no camera needed.

    Back to those pesky numbers, can you imagine just how many trips for vacations, could been had, if you add up all the skies being filled with poisonous cargos, being dumped for no reason? Because I’m just so stupid, I can’t even count the trillions of dollars being wasted out of planes, nor can understand why? I’m so stupid ‘ I actually knew people would and will, try to kill us, 25 years ago, when I read the book of who? Daniel, I hate being so stupid as I am, that I believed this would happen, by reading this fabled book. I thought the best litmus test of truthful prophets, were if they actually came true. I’m such a retard.

    Being so ignorant, can we slow it down to a snails pace, and go one point at a time. Can we start here with this chemical thing first, because being stupid as I am, i gullibly believe it ties in with my original 40 something list. I figure if you smart guys can simply explain the trillions of dollars dumped out a plane, quick enough, you may be able to get back to being the kings, and rulers of the ignorant bible thumping believers, and finish off playing scrabble, or walking that energetic dog.

    Before I go, and if I may, let me let you in on a secret. I am really not the ignorant person that iv’e made myself out to be. I guess if you took a scale of where my worldly intelligence stands, I would guess somewhere around the mid 50% percentile, so i feel completely capable of understanding, your don’t spend that kind of money dumping stuff out a plane, unless for good reason.

    So being mid pack in the brains department, plenty smart enough to know, their killing us, there’s something else I’m good at.

    I believe my understanding of the spirit realm, is in the top 99% percentile. You know, the behind the scenes going on’s just like the conspiracy theories of those poison planes. I mean really, those aren’t planes or poisons, all over the globe, right? just like these photos I took of UFO’s or aliens below. God doesn’t exist, neither do these photos I took of angels and demons. Just because you see it, and can’t refute it by seeing how easily it is to tell if a photo is faked, in the world of photography, we should just ignore some christian believing nutjob, ignore his answer that one question crap, insult him, and go grab a bite, all in a days work.

    Bah humbug, that pic proves nothing, stupid christian nut job, I can walk outside and take a photo like that with a crappy cellphone everyday, what that photo reveals, is just a lens flare, there’s no such a thing as angels and demons right?

    Stupid christian, that’s just an anomaly in the clouds, I can walk outside and see clouds like that everyday, doesn’t mean their alive with spirit.

    Really dude, that’s just smudges on that turned off device, there is no such a things as demons, just like there is no God passing judgement in our skies to non believers by those figment of your imagination planes, they spray all over the world because its a scent of roses, stupid moron, you have a problem spraying our skies with lavender, worth trillions of dollars?

    once again bible thumper, that’s just a smear with eyes and teeth out of you fake UFO, out that 2nd floor room without a balcony, doesn’t prove anything, everyone takes photos like that, I have a hundred on my phone right now, they don’t exist, lens flares, etc, that’s all moron

    look dipwad, I can take a turned off tablet outside right now and hold it at my waist, panning the sky, and snap a photo with a Nikon d5300 and produce a photo of a skull blowing down on a nest of birds and other animals, cmon, get a grip dude really, this is just clouds, not bible thumpers portrayal of angelic beings, idiot.

    wow, you think that tree looks like dogs staring into a light at the real show of demonic spirits, lol, cmon, every pic of trees and trucks around a light always looks like that. That’s not the spirit world God created, just a figment of your just your too high dude imagination, get a grip thumper

    Look, just because it has hair, eyes, and a weird hand and you have more than one photo of it flying through the sky, from the same camera as the ones above, by one guy claiming to have seen millions, its just birds undiscovered or something, we have new species discovered everyday, its not God and end times moron, he doesn’t exist, my 3 year old daughter and take photos like all yours.

    Just because you and two other people all seen an animal of unknown origin, from the second story of a hotel, down at a suv, and when you snapped a photo, it sank into a blanket, looking like the same animal, doesn’t mean anything, different people see the same thing all the time, take a photo, what they see disappears, and leaves a blanket resembling the same animal, come on , get real thumper, not demons idiot

    Just because you say it moved, and have photos of weird whatever, with all your other photos by the same guy, doesn’t mean a thing. Happens all the time, I can take photos right now look like that, watch and see stupid, here goes ( snap) see you stupid christian

    Just an average photo of a fence with a creature on it, next to a giant face as high as the house with a nose, my house looks like that all the time, it has creatures around all night, doesn’t mean its demons, they don’t really exist

    Just because it looks like a chic with pony tails , doesn’t mean it is, I take pics like that all the time, that doesn’t match what’s really in the pic

    its just a pic of trees a hundreds yards away , that you changed the color of, I can adjust the color all the time of mine, not changing the data in it, and it looks just like that idiot

    Look thumper, just because some fairytale books predicted evil will be prevalent , and your capable by this so called God, and gift of discernment to take photos we can’t explain, of the behind the scenes working of his imaginary creation, and people are spraying the world with poison using trillions of dollars of equipment and supplies, and all over the world were able to see it, with our own eyes, and trillions of dollars were stolen from us building underground caves, and beings stocked to live high on the horse, by the same people spraying, that doesn’t mean a thing. Happens every damn day buddy. I’m gonna slam you with cold hard facts as I ignore both your one plea, of answering why their killing us, and your photos all taken by your own lonesome, of stuff I see everyday in my photos, and ignore all the other millions of people saying the same **** on youtube, as I slam your God, and here goes my intelligent response right here below…..

    Please, teach me, I’m just so stupid, I’m listening, why are they spraying, whats in my photos,

    • Greg G.

      Clouds form under certain conditions. When the conditions are almost right, no clouds form. A plane causes turbulence and exhausts water vapor as a by-product of burning hydrocarbons in the form of jet fuel. That changes the conditions behind the plane. Guess what happens when more water vapor is added to cold air that has almost enough water vapor to form a visible cloud.

    • Ignorant Amos

      What a dumb fuck you are…you make a halfwit like me look like a genius.

      You get such a hardon for conspiracy theory don’t ya?

      They are called “contrails” ya imbecile…a portmanteau of condensation and trail.

      Contrails, or condensation trails, are “streaks of condensed water vapor created in the air by an airplane or rocket at high altitudes.” They are the result of normal emissions of water vapor from piston and jet engines at high altitudes in which the water vapor condenses into visible clouds. They are formed when hot humid air from the engines mixes with the colder surrounding air. The rate at which contrails dissipate is entirely dependent on weather conditions and altitude. If the atmosphere is near saturation, the contrail may exist for some time. Conversely, if the atmosphere is dry, the contrail will dissipate quickly.


      I wonder what fucked up woo woo you will spew next….seek help Ken, I think you are a wee bit touched.

    • MNb

      “Follow the money”, isn’t that where you smart guys get the real answers?.”
      Not always. But I can’t help noticing that you actually didn’t follow the money. Maybe you should try again.

      • Ignorant Amos

        Ah, but we already know…and Kenny has confirmed it by his own testimony…that he is not a smart guy.

        It is obvious that he is too stupid to follow the money, as he seems to get hopelessly lost if he tries to do so.

    • Being a self professed dimwit, I’m am just plain too stupid, to add all this up in my head.

      You came to the right place! Those are contrails. It’s just water vapor (like clouds).

      Look up what jet fuel turns into when it’s burned, and you’ll find that it’s carbon dioxide + water.

      I cannot for the life of my ignorance, figure out why, a billion dollars ( or billions rather) worth of equipment, is spending their worth, dumping their cargo out of the back of their investment.

      Right. Which is why the chemtrail argument fails.

      • Kenneth Barron

        Bob, I’m in a tight spot here, I’m enlightened by both the word of God, and man.

        I’m at basically a cluster chuck with you, because you fit in one or the either categories, of being ignorant, come on over to the enlightened side will ya?

        Let me see if I can help you out,

        The definition of contrails is ” The condensation trail left behind jet airplanes” they form when humid air mixes with jet exhaust , mixes with environmental air of low vapor pressure and (what?) low temperature.

        So we see by your argument, my chem trail argument fails, yet I believe your ignorant of the facts here, if I may defend my chem trail argument here, then maybe we can hit on what? The other 41 off the cusp other arguments, that way you will get a grip on the truth.

        You are either intentionally blind by God, or just plain ole ignorant, I don’t mean to personally pick on you, but if the shoe fits wear it, your either dumb, dumber, or can’t get right, but you are definately not right.

        If those in these pics by definition, are not CHEMTRAILS, Then why on a Saturday just before dark, do they appear? And why Sunday, Monday , Tuesday, in the same exact area, are the skies clear? If you take the time to look up the full definition, you would see an area with the same amount of aircraft travel, Saturday evening to now thursday, with the same exact temperatures and dry sky, should’ve produced bout the same contrails. Unless they had added chemicals to do this.

        Now Bob, if your theory is correct, now how in they red neck kin hell, would a redneck be able to take photos on Saturday of the skies that look like this,

        And under pretty much the same conditions temperature and humidity wise, the next few days look like this?


        Bob that’s a chemtrail, these are chemtrails, the latter what color???


        Bob, if the air was tested for chem trail vs contrail, would the results find aluminum and barium among others?
        Look, don’t make me do all the work, there are literally tens of thousands of people noticing what you have trouble noticing, the colors in the sky are not freaking contrails, with no aluminum or barium, they are aluminum and barium based, among others , illuminating our skies many different colors. You are merely dumb, dumber, blind or simply misled. Just so I’m not steering you a direction you think I would, pick up youtube, and get on board.

        Their are tests everywhere, with tens of thousands of wide eyed people brighter than you are at the moment. Its better to be dumb, rather than blinded by God. I hope there’s hope for you.

        Come back when you have a bit more brains, and smarts I guess. Tell me barium and aluminum is not being sprayed worldwide.

        The sooner we get past this, you can scoff the rest of my list, one at a time is best till you get wisdom, I will pray for you.

        Ps, lets do this, come back, I’m your huckleberry

        • Kenneth Barron

          oh, almost forgot, if the sun was roughly 100 degrees to the left of this pic I took, then what are those round balls in the northeast? Do better than the normal lens flare scoffer crap, no way is this and the others, lens flare
          Wake up Bobby, try looking up, then quit scoffing ., Matthew chapter is footing your bill

        • Kenneth Barron

          Matthew 16

        • Ignorant Amos
        • But … but he has pictures!

        • Ignorant Amos

          In colour too…so I guess it must be true then….bwaaaaahaaahaahahahahaaa!

        • You are either intentionally blind by God, or just plain ole ignorant

          You know I’m an atheist, right?

          why on a Saturday just before dark, do they appear? And why Sunday, Monday , Tuesday, in the same exact area, are the skies clear?

          Cuz no plane flew in that area at that time? Or is this a trick question?

          If you take the time to look up the full definition, you would see an area with the same amount of aircraft travel, Saturday evening to now thursday, with the same exact temperatures and dry sky, should’ve produced bout the same contrails.

          You should be focused on taking pictures of planes leaving no contrails. Until then you have no support for your claims.

          Look, don’t make me do all the work

          It’s your insane theory. Don’t pretend that I care.

          Come back when you have a bit more brains, and smarts I guess. Tell me barium and aluminum is not being sprayed worldwide.

          Why should I imagine that it is?

          I suppose that you’re simply determined to get yourself into a tizzy about Big Gubmint and its mind-control chemicals, but if you’re actually curious about the science of clouds and many, many other aspects of nature, I recommend this book.


    • AbortRetry Fail?

      I have carefully reviewed the evidence in question, I can unequivocally arrive at only ONE conclusion… photography is not Ken’s strong suit.

    • Phil


  • Atheism isn’t a virtue;
    it is the glorification of wilfull ignorance.

  • Dr Sarah

    ‘Pulling out the 7 weeks is confusing… No commentator has a great answer.’

    Actually, there’s a perfectly good answer to this one; the two separate time periods refer to the two separate events within that sentence.

    An anointed one (which, at the time, would have been understood as a reference to a king or priest) will come after seven weeks (as in, 49 years). After another sixty-two weeks, an anointed one will be cut off. Two separate anointed ones.

    Christians trying to use this as a prophecy of Jesus have to translate it as ‘the messiah’ and as a single 69 x 7 year period rather than two separate periods, as that’s the only way they can get within spitting distance of this being a prophecy of Jesus. But it doesn’t really make much sense as a translation, and it makes vastly more sense to read it as being about two events at different times involving two different anointed ones.