Adorable Granddaughters: Father’s Day & 4th of July 2021

Adorable Granddaughters: Father’s Day & 4th of July 2021 July 9, 2021

Having just quit Facebook due to its fascist censorship, I’m back to posting family photos on my blog, as I used to from 1997-2010. Enjoy! Cecilia is 8 months old and Estelle is 3 months old. They are the joy of all of our lives.

Want more? See:

Our First Grandchild is a Girl! (+ video of the announcement) [Facebook, 8-29-20]

Grandchild #2 On the Way! [Facebook, 9-19-20]

We’re Grandparents! (+ more photos, including our first time seeing her) [Facebook, 11-5-20 + 11-9-20]

Baptism of Our First Grandchild, Cecilia Joy, at Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament (11-29-20) [Facebook, 12-6-20]

Adorable Video of Cecilia Joy [Facebook, 1-1-21]

Five adorable shots of granddaughter Cecilia [Facebook, 1-6-21]

Cecilia Joy: 2 Month-Old Photos [Facebook, 1-26-21]

Granddaughter Cecilia’s 3-Month Birthday Photos [Facebook, 2-9-21]

Armstrong Granddaughter Extravaganza (Cecilia Joy: born 11-5-20) + #2: Estelle Marie on the Way [Facebook, 2-16-21]

Cecilia’s 4-Month-Old Photos / Baby Shower for Estelle Marie (due in April), on 3-6-21 [Facebook, 3-6-21]

Granddaughter Cecilia’s St. Patrick’s Day Dress [Facebook, 3-22-21]

Our Second Granddaughter, Estelle Marie Was Born on 12:45 AM Easter Morning [April 4th], Weighing 6 lbs 13.5 oz and Measuring 19 Inches. Proud Parents Annette & Our Son Matthew [Facebook, 4-5-21]

More Adorable Photos of Two-Day-Old Estelle Marie and Her Wonderful Mother Annette [Facebook, 4-6-21]

Cecilia Joy (Five Months Old): Sweet First Easter Photos [Facebook, 4-6-21]

Meeting Our Granddaughter Estelle, and Baby Cousin Cecilia (5 Mos.) Meets Her Too! (4-7-21) [Facebook, 4-8-21]

Cecilia’s 5-Month Photos Are In! [Facebook, 4-8-21]

Estelle Marie: Born on Easter Sunday: a Little Sweetie! [Facebook, 4-20-21]

Sweet Estelle Marie at About 20 Days Old [Facebook, 5-4-21]

Estelle Marie at One Month / Cecilia Joy at Six Months [Facebook, 5-5-21]

Two New Mothers, a New Grandma, and Two Baby Girls on Mother’s Day 2021 [Facebook, 5-10-21]

Cecilia Joy is Six Months Old and Rarin’ to Go! [Facebook, 5-11-21]

Estelle Marie’s Baptism: 5-15-21 [Facebook, 5-16-21]

Smiley / Sweet Photos of Estelle Marie (6 weeks old) [Facebook, 5-21-21]

And Here is the Spunky Charmer Cecilia Joy (6 mos.) [Facebook, 5-22-21]

More Cute Pictures of Our Two Granddaughters [Facebook, 6-18-21]





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