Big Darkness and Tiny Life

Big Darkness and Tiny Life December 1, 2015

Ah, the Dark Time.  Early, early sunsets of gorgeous lavenders, reds and orange.  Cold, cold mornings.  Fire in the woodstove, first thing!

And rain!  Praise RainKing!   We’re getting just a bit of wet so far, but it’s enough to make the dark time confusing.rain-wooden porch

Because, here, in the season of Death, everything is coming alive.

Welcome to California!

The long summer days are hot and, even when we’re not in drought conditions, by mid-August the grass is all gone that luscious shade called California gold.  October is sometimes the hottest month of the year!  But then the rains come.

Around here, folks run outside to see the rain, feel it on their skin.  It’s such a blessing.

First, we have the rain washing down the leaves of the trees, curing them of the dust of the dry earth.  Then the rising scent of the water hitting the ground.  The drops hit the roof, running down the gutters, pooling in every low spot.  Puddles!  Yay!

Then, in a day or so, a miracle happens:  tiny green shoots begin to appear.  We are lucky that we can see these things happen at once.  We know that everything in this realm teaches us.  We recognize that we are living creatures, rising up individually, like the grass, but really being part of one big organism, like the grass!

We might approach the rain as tears or sexual fluids or kisses or some other form of mana.  In any case, there is no life without water, and Water cycles.  And we cycle, too, appearing first one way then another.  Seen, unseen.  Separate, united.

There is always green somewhere.  Always something new and fragile and hopeful, striving for the light.

Blessed be.


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