Fruh: Marriage Equality is ‘Heterophobic’

Fruh: Marriage Equality is ‘Heterophobic’ March 15, 2012

In yet another example of just how deranged the wingnut mind can be, an Alabama pastor named Aaron Fruh went on the AFA’s radio network recently and declared that marriage equality advocates are “heterophobic” and engaged in a “malicious” attack on him for being married to a woman.

I don’t consider myself homophobic and I’d like to reframe this argument on my terms, and I’m insulted for even being called homophobic and insulted that I’m called a bigot because I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. My question is, to the gay community, how did you come into the world in the first place? There’s only one way, through the physical union of a man and a woman and in most cases a married man and a woman, your father and mother. So I want to say to the gay community, why are you so heterophobic? Why are you discriminating against the unborn children who will never see the light of day if you revise the historical, moral and legal view of traditional marriage. Why are you so condemning of me because I’m a married man to a woman of the opposite sex and to me that’s the height of bigotry. So I say to the gay community, you’re being quite malicious towards me, a married heterosexual man who believes in traditional marriage values, and you’re prejudiced and hateful towards my right to be committed to the principle of family and marriage.

Wow. That is some serious crazy there.

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