Fischer Confused About Who Can Be Reasoned With

Fischer Confused About Who Can Be Reasoned With June 19, 2012

The endlessly bigoted Bryan Fischer claims that you can’t reason with gay people because God has given them over to a depraved mind and they can’t think like a normal person anymore. How amusing. A man who is absolutely allergic to reason says other people can’t be reasoned with.


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  • teawithbertrand

    If you look up irony in the dictionary…

  • The sort of view that Fischer espouses reminds me very much of some doctrine that Camels with Hammers was talking about recently in his deconversion posts.

    It has a theological name – presuppositionalism

    David B

  • baal

    This’d be hilarious if his ilk didn’t control disproportionate political power. Blog posts like this one are part of the solution by naming and particularizing the problem.

    The next steps, however, are much harder. It was heartening to see sponsors leave Rush in droves a few months back because that’s a hint of what needs to happen before the MSM gets back to calling out or not promulgating out right lies, fraud and awful (like fisher above) thoughts.

  • A man who is absolutely allergic to reason says other people can’t be reasoned with.

    As the site says “It’s always projection”.

  • Speaking of reason, I don’t know how this guy can, day after day, obsess over teh gay and constantly come up with new and ever more absurd reasons to denounce them. Yeah, the easy and snarky answer is that he’s a self-loathing closet case (and it could be true), but assuming he’s not, this is starting to look like a severe case of OCD. I wonder if Fisher has ever paused to ask himself if his behavior makes any sense.

  • Abdul Alhazred

    He’s sort of right in a way.

    There is no way a gay person (such as myself) can be “reasoned out of” being gay.

  • plutosdad

    This is a biblical principle, I forget where it is but I remember reading about this and believing it. It is a way to write off the arguments of others for “not being open minded”. It is also the same principle espoused by anti-vaxxers and alt-med people, who say “you are a scientist, you just can’t understand”

    I was just reading about this in a book I’ve been reading “The Dream of Reason”, where the author talks about other groups who used the same tactic.

  • alanb

    unreasonable n. – the inability of someone to see things my way.

  • d cwilson

    Fischer loves the phrase “God has given them over”. That’s a nice shorthand way of saying, “God made you intrinsically evil and there’s nothing that can be done about it.”

    So why not just leave them alone?

    This reminds me of the episode of South Park I watched last night in which Cartman remarked on the absurdity of gawd inflicting plagues on the Eqyptians then “hardening Pharaoh’s heart” so that he refuses to let the Israelites go, just so he can continue to escalate the plagues.

  • eric

    Something like 45% of the population (and rising) supports gay rights while something like 1-10% of the population is gay. You do the math, Mr. Fischer.

  • kagekiri


    It’s Romans 1. That’s also where Paul says all atheists are evil and just denying the obvious reality of God, or just want to sin so they pretend God doesn’t exist.

    It’s a bigots dream passage, really.

  • Jordan Genso

    He’s just feeding the Tea Party Republicans more lines to use when they are confronted by someone with a logical position- to dismiss them by saying they “can’t be reasoned with”, not based on the words they’re saying, but based on who they are.

    Once they state that, it doesn’t matter what the rational person says, since their opinion is going to be ignored whatever they say.

    I think the conservatives know they are at a huge disadvantage if they have to actually engage with the other side, so they’re coming up with as many ways/reasons as possible to avoid or put a halt to those discussions. It’s why Republican candidates are much more likely to avoid debates than Democratic candidates*.

    *citation needed, I know. I don’t have one, so my current understanding based solely on what I’ve seen could be shown to be false.

  • Wait a minute, if God has given gays over to a depraved mind, doesn’t that mean he’s now made them gay? I thought it was just a “lifestyle” that could be “cured.”

    Oh, sorry … for a second there I started to treat this stuff as if it was supposed to make sense.

  • It’s even more fundamental than that. They claim God is omnipotent, yet he never, ever, uses that power to fix things directly. Even his supposed best effort, Jesus, consisted of sending his son/one third of himself to Earth to be murdered. As opposed to something actually useful like appearing to everyone on the planet and letting them know in no uncertain terms what his rules were.

  • redgreeninblue

    Can Fischer’s god “blind the minds of the unbelievers” so effectively that even he cannot convince them of The Truth™?

    …Can he make a rock so big that he cannot lift it?

  • Azkyroth, Former Growing Toaster Oven

    Can he make a rock so dumb even Fischer is smarter than it?

  • interrobang

    I’m not a creationist, but I’m certain I’ve met rocks smarter than Fischer. They’re certainly better-looking, if nothing else.

  • kermit.

    I’m sorry, folks, but I don’t think gays can be reasoned with by Fischer, either.


  • John Phillips, FCD

    Azkyroth, about the only thing that can ever hope to compete with Fischer for the post of dumbest are the many other theocrats who make regular appearances all across ftb. Rocks, even with their god’s help, don’t stand a chance in that competition