Delgaudio’s Latest Bizarre Claims

Delgaudio’s Latest Bizarre Claims October 29, 2012

Man, Eugene Delgaudio just gets crazier and crazier. The TSA recently announced that they are replacing those “naked” body scanners with new machines that show a more cartoon-like image of your body. For some weird reason, Delgaudio thinks he should get credit for this — and that gay people loved the naked body scanners and demand body cavity searches for kids and old people.

The homosexual lobbies and blogs cried and stamped their feet.

“Give us our naked body scans of anybody going to the airport” and frequently mocked and attacked Public Advocate’s frequent condemnation of absurd measures which included the “naked body scan”.

Many of these small minded “perversion cheerleaders” even personally maligned and slandered Public Advocate leaders as “fixated”.

The homosexual lobbies fully support the invasive body cavity searches of elderly citizens, small children, young women and the absurd and dangerous X-Ray machines that scan the human form in minute detail— anybody and everybody for little security reasons whatsoever.

The mind simply boggles.

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