Farah’s Convenient Book Review

Farah’s Convenient Book Review August 27, 2013

Joseph Farah’s Saturday column was, like many of the articles on his site, little more than an advertisement for products he’s selling and profiting from. He pretends that it’s a review of a book that uses the Bible to determine the real date of Jesus’ birth. As luck would have it, the book claims it was on 9/11 in 3 BC. Farah blathers about that and then cuts right to the point:

Others have made that point. But what’s new in Dumond’s approach is the Sept. 11 date on the Julian calendar, possibly because until 12 years ago the date had no significance to Americans and Christians around the world.

I’m not sure God cares much about the pagan calendar used so widely in the world today. I do know He established His own calendar and still keeps His divine appointments with us according to what we call the Hebrew calendar.

Yet, I can’t shake the idea that Sept. 11 has some transcendent significance because God chose that day to issue a severe warning – or “Harbinger,” as best-selling author Jonathan Cahn calls it – to a nation that was once consecrated to Him, just as ancient Israel was.

It also reaffirms my idea that a National Day of Prayer and Repentance on 9/11 is the auspicious response we should have to what we have considered an inauspicious date.

Sept. 11, 2013, is right around the corner. Let me urge you to ready yourself for that date with the following resources…

And that’s followed by a bunch of links to books and videos he’s selling. The formula is simple at WND. Every article has to be written to have some tenuous tie to some product that they profit from. I’m waiting for the guy to try to sell me Amway.

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