Israel, Abortion and the Christian Right

Israel, Abortion and the Christian Right January 13, 2014

Israel recently adopted a new policy that provides free abortions to all women up to the age of 33 and after the age of 40, which puts the Christian right in a serious bind. Liberty Counsel, at least, seems not the least bit bothered by this and went ahead and honored Israel anyway:

Just two days after Israel’s cabinet approved a new policy extending government abortion subsidies to all women ages 20-33, the staunchly anti-choice Liberty Counsel released an alert entitled, “Stand With Israel Now,” complete with a photograph of Benjamin Netanyahu with Liberty Counsel head Mat Staver.

“There has never been a more critical time for you to show your support to Israel and its Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu! Become a Liberty Ambassador to Israel and have your faith strengthened and your resolve fortified to stand for Israel,” the group writes. “In light of the failed foreign policies of our current American administration, it has never been a more important time to express our unwavering resolve to stand united with Israel.”

Now remember that these are the same people who are constantly telling us that God is going to punish America, or already is punishing America, for allowing abortion and for not being sufficiently pro-Israel. But now Israel is not just allowing abortions, they’re using tax dollars to pay for them. So now God is going to punish Israel, presumably. So doesn’t that mean that God will start punishing us if we do support Israel? Oh, I doubt it. None of these claims are to be taken as anything more than demagoguery.

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