Paul Cameron’s Raging Bigotry

Paul Cameron’s Raging Bigotry February 3, 2014

Marvin Olasky recently criticized that harsh anti-gay law in Uganda and has drawn the ire of Paul Cameron and his Family Research Institute. Cameron is a guy who got thrown out of the APA for making up bad data to justify his anti-gay bigotry. I’ll intersperse the statements from Olasky with FRI’s incredibly loathsome responses.

Olasky called the law “harsh and unlikely to be effective.” FRI immediately compares gay people to murderers:

Laws against murder are harsh and unlikely to be effective (in completely stopping murder). But such laws educate as to what is ‘correct’ and serve as a disincentive to commit murder. Just because we cannot specify how many lives were saved by a particular law hardly means the law was ineffective. Surely the fact that people still commit murder, rape, or theft would not cause Dr. Olasky to label them as “ineffective” and not worth having.

Olasky wrote:

Howles has a better idea: Promote Christianity, not tradition. He argues that if Ugandans temper their desire to put homosexuals in prison, ‘it will most likely be because of Christianity, as churches preach a message of godly love and kindness towards active homosexuals.’

And FRI says gay people are pedophiles:

Really? How do we show “godly love and kindness toward active child molesters?” Or active thieves, active adulterers, active slanderers, etc.? Until the last few decades, every time the Christian Church had the opportunity, it made homosexual activity illegal — often carrying the ultimate penalty. So it was in Rome, England, and early in these United States. Everyone else – especially children — should not be endangered so those expressing homosexual interests can be comfortable.

Fascist much?

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