Poor, Humiliated Sean Hannity

Poor, Humiliated Sean Hannity March 11, 2014

I think the right’s mancrush on Vladimir Putin has now hit its high point. Sean Hannity waxed eloquent about how manly Putin is on his show, and frankly that may hot have been the only thing he was “waxing” at the time. And he’s “humiliated” when he compares the macho Putin with that girly man Obama.

“Many Americans, including myself are, humiliated today. Take a look at the photo comparison of our commander in chief. There he is juxtaposed with Vladimir Putin […] For the first time in my adult life, I am humiliated for my country. Just the picture of Putin swimming the butterfly, which is a real hard stroke. Yeah, big chested – and by the way, it’s in frigid water that he’s swimming across a river … so you got a picture of that juxtaposed next to Obama on a bicycle in Martha’s Vineyard with the goofy helmet on riding his bike.”

He was talking about this:


Of course, he could have been talking about this:


But that would require being consistent, something Hannity is entirely incapable of. But don’t you love how he’s practically drooling over Putin and his big chest? Here’s what I think we should do. There’s a guy selling butt plugs that look like Vladimir Putin:


I think we should send a bunch of these to Hannity. Thousands of them.

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