Wingnuts and the Art of Hyperbole

Wingnuts and the Art of Hyperbole May 26, 2014

I often wonder if there isn’t some secret competition going on among the wingnuts to see who can come up with the most hyperbolic and ridiculous statement, especially about LGBT equality. Don Boys, a former Indiana legislator turned pundit, gives it his best shot while throwing a fit about the Michael Sam kiss.

I would be outraged if my children or grandchildren had seen that depravity. Even if one’s sexual activities are private in the bedroom, they should not be public on national television. However, they seem not to be interested in keeping them private. When will normal people start making such hypocrites pay for their deception? No decent person should watch ESPN again. In the interest of higher ratings or, conversely, in the interest in promoting perversion, the network has earned the disdain, distrust, and disgust of the American people. STOP is suggesting that anyone with a modicum of decency stop watching ESPN and NFL games.

Ah, distorted priorities. We’ve seen NFL players knock out their girlfriends on camera, commit murder and rape, kill their teammates while driving drunk, and much more. At no point did Boys find it necessary to call for a boycott of the league or the networks that air their games. But one gay kiss and he gets a case of the vapors, clutches his pearls and faints.

The fascists at the Homosexual Lobby are thrilled that Sam has strolled out of the closet in support of their twisted, tangled, tawdry agenda. The homosexual leaders are the most vile, vicious, and vitriolic people in the world.

Oh yes, the absolute worst. Brutal dictators who use chemical weapons on their own people? They pale in comparison to gay rights activists. Terrorists who kidnap girls and sell them into bondage? Surely you jest. They never showed two men kissing, did they?

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