Graham: We’re In the Last Days

Graham: We’re In the Last Days June 9, 2014

Franklin Graham sat down with the terminally ridiculous Jan Crouch in all her tacky glory to discuss how this is the end times and Jesus is coming back soon, because of Hollywood and because the Obama administration being controlled by the “spirit of the anti-Christ.”

So again, why wouldn’t he be cheering this one? Why is he complaining about it?

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  • I realize that God works to his own schedule, but haven’t we been in the “last days” for the last 2000+ years? God needs to defaecate or abdicate.

  • How long do we have to wait before we can stone him as a false profit?

  • Gvlgeologist, FCD

    Oh, I’m sure he’s making real profits. His prophet acumen is a bit lacking, though.

  • Thorne

    … can’t pray at football games…

    Yeah, I’ve seen how the thought police run out on the field and beat down all those athletes who make the sign of the cross, and dragging off all those fans who are praying for a win.

    Why can’t these theonuts understand the difference between preventing them from praying and preventing them from forcing others to pray?

  • dorcheat

    Hey Jan Crouch, the 1980’s called, they want you to return the big hair.

  • raven

    how this is the end times …

    Fundie xians have their own language.

    “This is the end times” translates into English as Send me more money!!! A whole lot more.

    It’s just business and highly profitable. The rest of us have to go to school, gets degrees, and do something useful.

    It’s all straight out of their instruction manual, Orwell’s 1984.

  • raven

    The vast majority of them don’t believe that this is the End Times, at least as far as I can tell. (Or maybe they do but just act like it won’t happen, since fundies never walk their talk.)

    If it was, why even get up in the morning? Why take out a 30 year mortgage. Wy contribute to pension and 40(K) plants. Why even have kids for Cthulhu’s sake. Why care about anything in the world except for piloting your soul into heaven.

    I did know very superficially a dedicated Doomsday Prepper. He spent decades Doomsday Prepping. And the world did end for him. He died recently of…old age. OTOH, those years of dried food were rather irrelevant.

  • Synfandel

    These folks desperately need to watch last night’s closing episode of Cosmos, climb out of their own navels, and get some perspective.

  • StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return!

    I confidently predict that the last days will come in several billion years when the Earth gets tidally locked to the Moon so that one side of our planet is in constant daylight and the other in endless night.

    By then our Sun will be a Red Giant star and our Milky Way galaxy in process of merging with the Andromeda galaxy and I’ll be very much long dead and uncaring as this eventuality.

    As for the end of time itself well, spacetime – the mix of time and space we manage todivide into hours, years and days – will go on for trillions of years after our planet is devoured by our dying daytime star. The Heat Death of the cosmos is so distant I’m really not fussed.

    Well, not unless I somehow get caught up in a singularity’s orbit and spat back out in a trillion aeons hence anyhow.

    Of course if I’m wrong I won’t know it unlike y’know these guys like who are (Blasphemously really! ) predicting Teh ned Ist Nighhh!!!!

  • dingojack

    You’d think (in honour of his guest) Frankie could at least – go to Hollywood.

    🙂 Dingo

  • Trebuchet

    I realize that God works to his own schedule, but haven’t we been in the “last days” for the last 2000+ years?

    Not quite. The death of JC is usually reckoned as about 33 “AD”. We’ve got 20 years to go for it to be 2000+.

  • That lady has a flock of dead parrots on her head.

  • busterggi

    Ah, the ‘Anti-Christ’, the guy whom Franklin’s religion says will be beloved by almost everyone(‘True’ Christians are the exception) and establish world peace and financial stabilty.

    So when are those signs – the universal adoration, world peace and financial security going to happen?

  • dingojack

    Marcus Ranum – “No, no, they’re not dead, they’re just restin'”.


  • dingojack

    And here is a repost of a comment I left on another thread.


  • felidae

    Jesus is coming soon!–so, send me your money now, you won’t be needing it once the rapture comes

  • grumpyoldfart

    The part that makes me laugh is that millions of Americans probably agree with everything he says.

  • slavdude

    So wait, which one of these two is he? The one with the mike or the one with the Tammy-Fay hair?

  • John Pieret

    We have always been at war with Eastasia and we have never been this close to the end times.

  • I wonder what Goth teenage girl Crouch stole those clothes from.

  • freehand

    These are the end times*. Civilization will collapse, billions – perhaps all – of the people will die, and we will see the four horsemen again ride the landscape. But Jesus won’t take these people up to the Great Church Picnic in the Sky. There is no antichrist. To the degree that the cause is moral, it’s because of anti-science bullying authoritarians like these partnered with sociopathic oligarchs that our species will fail.


    When these people are rummaging through waste looking for something edible, they will loathe me if they see me, and blame me for their lot because surely Gawd is punishing us for being nice to the Ghey, or something. But I will know that it is indignorant loons like these and their hatred for knowledge and self-examination that allowed the greedy to destroy it all. Sorry all; talk of the end times have made me gloomy since I learned it was real. But it won’t happen like these coprophagic golems think.


    * Global warming, with its attendant drought storms, and floods; failed harvests and disrupted transportation leading to uncertainty and hunger; mass migration from one unsafe not-haven to another; marine biological collapse; spreading pests and disease; seed corn and domestic animals eaten; multiple global wars; failed fail-safes dependent on electricity; rising sea levels; death of forests; and the loss of all records on computers. All, all understandable, and all of it preventable at one time, only recently past.

  • imthegenieicandoanything

    Fundies believe these stupid, evil and hateful things because they want to feel important.

    The believe in a personal, ever-watchful god because they feel unloved and neglected.

    They do anything from giving money to obvious charlatans to flying passenger planes into buildings because they want to be remembered as “special” to… other living human beings.

    I really do feel for them, but happiness is as limited as a human lifespan, and pretending otherwise doesn’t improve it, ever, unless one is engaged in living fictions but smart enough never to believe it is real.

  • gardengnome

    End times will come about because Obama this or Obama that… curiously US-centric viewpoint these people have.

    And how can you take a TV host seriously when they look so utterly bizarre? Mutton dressed as lamb just doesn’t cover it.

  • cactuswren

    I’ve been told that Jan Crouch’s fans and those of Tammy Faye Bakker actually have something of a feud over which of them originated that distinctive look.

  • freehand

    cactuswren – When I was a kid in the 1950s, US Christian fundies dressed plain and simple – think of “Little House on the Prairie”. I can’t verify this, but I heard that the big hair and associated accessories became acceptable among them when the hippie chicks of the sixties started wearing simple frontier fashions. Better to be seen as gaudy than to be mistaken for a drug using atheist hussy, I guess.