Seriously, Allen West Is a Moron

Seriously, Allen West Is a Moron January 12, 2015

There have been some staggeringly stupid reactions to the massacre at the offices of a satirical magazine in Paris, but war criminal wingnut Allen West takes the cake for the single dumbest response I’ve seen. He actually compares it to the removal of a Christian flag from a public veterans memorial in North Carolina.

After yesterday’s tragedy in France, we awake today to a story which demonstrates how we got to that point, and why we are losing the ideological and cultural battle against Islamo-fascism.

As reported by the Washington Times, “The City of King, North Carolina, has settled a four-year battle in agreeing to remove a veteran’s memorial that featured a praying Soldier and a Christian flag.”

“After spending $50,000 in legal fees, the city voted 3-2 Tuesday to approve a settlement agreement in the lawsuit, Steven Hewett v. the City of King, the Winston-Salem Journal reported. The city agreed not to fly the Christian flag, to end its flag lottery policy, and to remove the statue depicting a soldier kneeling before a cross-shaped marker, the paper said.”

So you see, not flying a Christian flag over a taxpayer-funded veterans memorial on public property is evidence of “Islamo-fascism.” And if they’d decided to fly a Muslim flag instead? That would be “Islamo-fascism” too. Unless Christians are given all the privilege and allowed to have total hegemony in America, the Muslims win. Because there couldn’t possibly be any alternatives in between those two things, right? Like maybe the government staying the hell out of it and not trying to impose anyone’s religion on us, maybe?

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