BarbWire Writer Pens Incredibly Dumb Column

BarbWire Writer Pens Incredibly Dumb Column January 22, 2015

Yes, I know – dog bites man. But what makes this column by someone named Paul Hair is particularly irritating is that he wants to rename atheists and call us “autotheists.” Because we worship ourselves. Get it? That’s so clever! Brace yourself, here comes the stupid.

Autotheists (self-worshipers) are celebrating that proud homosexual Michael Sam stuck his finger in the collective eyes of Christians even as they submit to Islam and sympathize with Islamic rage at cartoons.

The world continues shaking in fear over Islamic anger at cartoons published by Charlie Hebdo. Politicians and pundits superficially condemned the murders of the employees of the publication yet continue saying the world must not provoke Muslims or show dishonor towards the “Prophet Muhammad.”…

But what irritates me even more is the way autotheists predictably respond with fear and excuses for the violence. “Sure,” they say, “it was wrong for Muslims to murder, but they were provoked to violence by intentional insults.”

They’ve even suggested that free speech should have limits. (And with the Charlie Hebdo attacks, some on the right have even joined in on the “provocation” narrative.)

Really? “Autotheists” did that? Who did, exactly? Name some of them. Bill Donohue did it. The Pope did it. Bryan Fischer did it. Lots of other right wing Christians have explicitly supported blasphemy laws in this country and around the world, including Pat Robertson’s American Center for Law and Justice. I’m sure a few atheists did do it as well, but why does a tiny minority of atheists mean that atheists in general took that position while some of the most prominent Christians leaders saying that doesn’t mean Christians as a group said it?

But autotheists can never reach a peak evilness. There is always room for new ways to engage in wickedness. And there is particularly room for new evil when it comes to their archenemy: Christians.

Thus, while autotheists side with Muslims in agreeing that Muhammad should not be insulted, they openly cheer homosexual Michael Sam giving a giant middle finger to Christianity by proposing to his boyfriend at a Catholic church near the Vatican.

Is there any demographic group in the world more universally opposed to blasphemy laws than atheists? I highly doubt it.

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