The AFA’s Hilarious ‘Bigotry Map’

The AFA’s Hilarious ‘Bigotry Map’ February 26, 2015

In apparent response to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s map of hate groups in the United States, the American Family Association (which is one of the hate groups on the SPLC map) has created their own “bigotry map” that lists organizations state by state. This is hilariously idiotic for so many reasons.

First, the SPLC actually has an entry for every group on their list that includes all the evidence to support calling them a hate group. The AFA list, on the other hand, has no such thing. All they did, apparently, was do a search for gay rights, atheist and humanist groups in every state, with sometimes bizarre results. In Michigan, for example, they list the following groups:

Black Nonbelievers of Detroit

Minority Atheists of Michigan

Mid-Michigan Atheists and Humanists

GLSEN Michigan

Americans United (Michigan chapter)

Atheists @ Oakland University

They missed the largest atheist and humanist group in the state, CFI Michigan. They missed Michigan Atheists (the most obnoxious atheist group in the state). They listed the atheist student group at Oakland University but ignored the ones at MSU, U of M, GVSU, Ferris State and Wayne State. Apparently they can’t even use Google very well.

Hell, they missed the Center for Inquiry completely, leaving it off the New York map. That prompted Paul Fidalgo, their communications director, to put out a hilarious press release demanding that they be put on this ignominious list.

“Granted, we have vigorously fought for the religious freedom of Christians in parts of the world where they have themselves faced persecution, such as Meriam Ibrahim in Sudan,” conceded Fidalgo, “but I’m hoping the AFA can look past that, and put us on their enemies list, where we belong.”

Brilliant. I find this whole thing highly amusing. I especially laughed when Charisma News declared that this was a map of “over 200 groups that openly display an Antichrist spirit.” That’s funny stuff right there.

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