Barber and Staver Continue to Rant Against Equality

Barber and Staver Continue to Rant Against Equality March 5, 2015

I find it highly amusing to listen to Mat Staver, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman, and Matt Barber rant and rave about all the terrible things that will happen as a result of letting gay people get married. This will destroy marriage! Destroy Christianity! Destroy civilization! Destroy the galaxy!

Barber declared that the push for gay marriage was never about equality but rather “about forcing Christians against their will to celebrate deviant homosexual behavior.”

“This was about persecuting Christians,” he said, “not about marriage equality.”

Staver readily agreed, saying that gay marriage is “an oxymoron” because “same-sex relationships are harmful, they’re sinful, they’re contrary to the Scriptures, they’re contrary to the natural created order,” and warning that gay activists are intent on persecuting Christians all over America, which promoted Barber to issue a dire warning.

“If, God forbid … the Supreme Court somehow defines and manufactures a constitutional so-called right to sodomy-based marriage this summer, in June, if they do that then the floodgates will be open,” Barber said. “There will be Christian persecution widespread across the United States and the so-called gay marriage agenda will be the sledgehammer used to crush the church and to crush religious liberty and the crush individual Christians, their finances, to ruin them. That’s what this agenda was always about and that’s what we will see if the Supreme Court goes the wrong way in June.”

I love this argument that forcing businesses to offer their services to gay people is forcing them to “celebrate” homosexuality. How about a tux shop? Or a shoe store? Is selling shoes to gay people “celebrating” the “homosexual lifestyle”? Should grocery stores be allowed to refuse to sell food to gay people because they might host a dinner party and that would be forcing the grocery store owners to “celebrate” The Gay? It’s all quite silly.

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