Jones: Liberals Are ‘Going to Kill Everybody’

Jones: Liberals Are ‘Going to Kill Everybody’ March 6, 2015

Joel Gilbert, who previously made a documentary claiming that President Obama’s real father was Frank Marshall Davis and thus he is genetically a communist, is making a new film and it features the inane ravings of Alex Jones, who says liberals have told him they want to kill everyone.

“They’re really like criminal, bank robber types, like felon types I’ve been around before that are really creepy and have bad will towards people,” Jones told filmmaker Joel Gilbert. “And behind the scenes they’ll go, ‘Listen, when we take over we’re going to kill everybody. We want blood.”

It must be true. I mean, Alex Jones is always right. And that may not even be the dumbest lie in the film:

Gilbert listed Chicago, Denver, Detroit and Newark as “dungeons of progressivism” he visited during the course of his filming. He also claimed that these cities suffered from “50 percent unemployment,” a vast exaggeration.

According to federal data, Detroit is the only city even breaking a 10 percent unemployment rate as of December 2014, with 12.2 percent of residents without a job, exceeding Chicago (6.2 percent), Denver (4.2 percent) and Newark (9.4 percent).

That this kind of bullshit has a huge audience on the right wing is pretty scary.


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