Robertson: Quit Your Job or You’ll Catch The Buddhist

Robertson: Quit Your Job or You’ll Catch The Buddhist March 12, 2015

It’s a day ending in Y, so Pat Robertson must have given a staggeringly stupid answer to a viewer email. This time it’s a woman who works with a bunch of Buddhists. Pat told her that she needs to quit her job or she might catch the dreaded disease of Buddhism.

“I work in an environment where all of my coworkers are Buddhists,” a viewer named Tina explained in an email to Robertson. “They talk about Buddhism all day long and try to preach to me. It didn’t matter much to be before, but since I recommitted myself to Jesus a year ago, it has started to bother me a lot.”

Robertson replied by noting that “healthy” people might not contract a “mild contagion.”

“But if you put yourself in the middle of a hospital ward where everybody has the disease except you, sooner or later, you will be infected by it,” the TV preacher warned. “If you’re in the middle of hundreds and hundreds of people who believe that way, you’ve got an uphill fight.”

“And I think your best thing at that point is to withdraw with dignity,” Robertson said. “Get out of that environment because they’re going to get to you before you get to them.”

What if one of them bites you on the neck? You’d have to spend eternity walking the paths of the netherworld infecting people yourself!

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