Sorry Sorbo and Dash, No Movie For You

Sorry Sorbo and Dash, No Movie For You March 22, 2015

I started writing a post the other day about a crowdsourcing fundraiser for a movie starring washed-up Hollywood has-beens Kevin Sorbo and Stacey Dash about Mariam Ibrahim when I noticed that the fundraiser had been canceled. Turns out it was canceled because Ibrahim herself denounced it, saying she was never consulted about it.

Just one day after The Christian Post reported that a film entitled “I Am A Christian” about persecuted Sudanese Christian Mariam Ibraheem was planned for production, the team behind the project starring Stacey Dash has cancelled a $500,000 campaign that was launched to crowdfund it.

The campaign was scrapped after Ibraheem and her husband, Daniel Wani, came forward to publicly denounce the film, because they had not given Christian Lives Matter, LLC, the newly-formed company responsible for “I Am A Christian,” rights to tell their story. The couple in fact only learned Tuesday through news reports that the project was being pursued without their permission.

“It’s terrible. … It’s not right,” Wani told CP over the phone Wednesday. He expressed concern about filmmakers attempting to tell his family’s dramatic story of persecution based solely on media reports and without his and Ibraheem’s first-person accounts…

“We have decided to suspend the campaign, both because of the family’s request and honestly because it never picked up steam like we thought it would,” reads a statement attributed to producers of “I Am A Christian,” according to a public post on actor Kevin Sorbo’s Facebook page. Sorbo (“God’s Not Dead”) describes the message as a “follow up apology from the producers of the movie.”

The apology closes by adding: “We had hoped that this would be an Oscar worthy role for Stacey, and the first film in a long and loved series for Rachel, Ben, and Kevin. Obviously we as producers also wanted a hit, but we really did want something great for all of you too.”

Now that’s funny right there.

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