Stupid Atheist Meme of the Day

Stupid Atheist Meme of the Day March 28, 2015

I’ve decided to do a new running feature here at Dispatches, in which I debunk and ridicule stupid memes I see being shared by my fellow atheists. I see them so often that I could make a whole blog out of just that idea. Here’s the first one:


All nonsense. Thomas Jefferson was not a “non-believer,” unless they’re using that term to mean “non-Christian,” and that’s really stupid because that would make adherents of every other religion non-believers. Thomas Jefferson absolutely believed in God. He wrote volumes on the subject, almost all of it in private letters to friends. Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins (drawing on Hitchens) have both suggested that Jefferson was secretly an atheist, but — now prepare to clutch those pearls, hero worshipers — they were completely full of shit. You will not find any historian who would accept such a claim, and for good reason.

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