Savage: Obama Sparking ‘White Man’ Revolt

Savage: Obama Sparking ‘White Man’ Revolt April 8, 2015

Michael Savage finally tore off the mask, or rather put on the hood, on his radio show last week when he took a page from the white supremacist page and predicted that the “white man” was going to revolt and it will all be Obama’s fault for pushing those peaceful, tolerant men to finally snap.

“The white man is a quiet man and a peaceful man,” Savage said, “and right now the white man is very, very quiet, and very, very peaceful, and like many dictators before him, Barack Obama thinks the white man will remain quiet and subdued forever. Hitler made that mistake; Hitler boasted that his supermen, his Hitler Youth, would easily wipe the floor with the GI Joes that were being sent over…. But it was the white man who defeated Superman in World War II. Let me tell you something else, you push the white man only so far, you’re going to have a reaction like you’ve never seen.”

Savage added that Obama, whom he called a “lunatic” who hates America, is “flooding America with illegal aliens” and pushing for the Iranian nuclear negotiations to irritate and incite white people into a revolution.

That’s KKK rhetoric and has been for more than a century now, the inevitable coming race war brought on by those evil colored folk getting all uppity. But be careful, Michael, they don’t like Jews much either.

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