Horowitz: Terrorists Crossing Mexican Border With Nukes

Horowitz: Terrorists Crossing Mexican Border With Nukes April 23, 2015

Deranged right winger David Horowitz went on a radio show and argued that President Obama is leaving the Mexican boarder because his “heart is with the enemy” and now the terrorists are streaming in with chemical, biological and, soon, nuclear weapons.

When Kaufman asked Horowitz about the U.S. program to resettle refugees from the Syrian civil war, he warned that the president is “importing our enemies,” adding that Obama and his party have “destroyed our southern border so it’s easy for terrorists to get here.”

“All they have to do is walk across that border,” he said, “and they’re going to do it, and when they come they’re going to bring chemical, biological and eventually nuclear weapons, so don’t kid yourself.”

Kaufman agreed, citing an unfounded Judicial Watch report about an ISIS training camp near the border with Mexico and the president’s recent prayer breakfast remarks to declare that the president has “lost it.”

“He’s a traitor,” Horowitz added. “His heart is with the enemy.”

Right, all those weapons they don’t actually have. Do you have any evidence of this, Mr. Horowitz? Of course not.

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