How the Christian Right Views Itself

How the Christian Right Views Itself May 8, 2015

Jim Garlow, the furiously anti-gay megapreacher from California, offers us a glimpse of how the Christian right views itself. And how is that? As brave dissenters standing up to the enemy (Satan, Obama, Hitler, whomever) in the name of God.

California pastor Jim Garlow, who is active in conservative politics and was among the key leaders of the campaign to pass Proposition 8, appeared on Tony Perkins’ “Washington Watch” program yesterday to discuss his church’s upcoming Future Conference, which will include appearances by Perkins, Newt Gingrich, Mat Staver.

Garlow said that Staver, the Liberty Counsel attorney who has called formass civil disobedience and a revolution to stop gay marriage, will be “speaking on a topic that most of us didn’t want to hear about, and that’s when biblical obedience translates into civil disobedience and we become an underground resistance movement.”

They really do imagine themselves as the modern equivalent of the French underground, which bravely fought from the shadows against Hitler’s puppet government. In reality, of course, they are the ones continually fighting against every civil rights advance in the nation’s history.

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